Saturday, January 23, 2010

A date!

I love dates with my husband. So far this month we’ve been on two. That’s a lot for us. We enjoy going out on dates, but at the same time we spend a lot of time together so we never really think about actually going OUT on a date.

We have had a giftcard to Red Lobster for TWO years. Yeah I know. It is one of my most favorite restaurants and have had a free meal for two years and I did not jump on it. Crazy I know. We’ve thought about it and actually gone there, but with a long wait or whatever it just wasn’t worth it. On the 15th we decided that we would go – wait or not – and enjoy a yummy meal at Red Lobster! We did and it was worth it. It was also nice to enjoy some quality time with my husband after he’d been gone all week. We got to catch up about our weeks and what was going on all while enjoying a yummy meal and that was really nice. I just wish eating out wasn’t so expensive because we would do it far more often!

1 comment:

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