Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowmageddon 2010

We have gotten more snow than we know what to do with. Seriously, it is nuts. It started Friday night (Feb 5) and continued into Saturday. ALL day Saturday. I'm not sure how much snow we got overall (although I believe I heard 31 inches in Sterling was the official number), but Saturday afternoon we had 28 in the backyard.

TWENTY-EIGHT inches of snow.

This is what my car looked like after it was finally done snowing Saturday.

Buddy is pretty much over the snow all together. He's not really a big fan.

I like this one because you can kinda see the snow coming down. This was about mid-day Saturday.

and if the snow we got over the weekend wasn't enough it snowed more today. I am tired of being stuck in the house even though I was at work Monday and Tuesday. And with all this snow I'm afraid our house is never going to be started :(

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