Wednesday, February 10, 2010

#36 - Try new food

So far this month I have tried 2 new things. Well, ok one was 1/2 new but I'll get to that.

First, I was wandering around Wegmans looking for this wasabi sauce we like and was having a hard time finding it. While in the International aisle I stumbled upon soda with interesting flavors. Being adventurous I decided I'd be trying one. I went with pineapple soda. I figured I like pineapple and I like soda so what's the harm. Plus it was like 69 cents or something retarded cheap so I figured worst case I'd be out less than a dollar. It was not a waste of money at all because it was so yummy! Not too sweet, which I was kind of afraid of, and no hint of being bitter either. Next time I'm at Wegmans for lunch I'll be stopping by getting another one...and possibly some other flavor...

On to the second thing. My Father-in-Law brings home some interesting food sometimes and a couple of the new foods I've tried for this list (and in life in general) have been because of him. This was no different. He came home from the store with some strawberry-rhubarb preserves. Interesting right? I LOVE strawberry preserves/jelly/jam/etc but I had never had rhubarb anything so I figured I'd give it a go. Mostly it just tasted like strawberry but a little sweeter which I suppose makes sense because my father-in-law did say that rhubarb tastes like sweet celery. I might actually have to try rhubarb one day...

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