Sunday, March 7, 2010

#36 - Try New Food. MORE food.

I’ve had a very adventurous palate this month. Along with the pineapple soda and strawberry rhubarb preserves I had earlier this month I’ve tried 3 new things. I went back to Wegmans for another kind of soda – this time mandarin. Not as good as the pineapple and I probably wouldn’t try that again. I was hoping for a sweeter orange soda and that’s about what I got, unfortunately it just wasn’t all that great. I was really disappointed by that because I really love orange soda so I was really banking on the fact that I would love this too. Wrong. Big fat wrong.

I also got to try Sake for the first time. It was not good. We went out to dinner to Benihanna and Steven got the Sake sampler. It came with 3 different types, I only tried one type because I decided that I do not like Sake when served by itself. At all. He asked if I wanted to try the other 2 but I passed. I did get a Sangria drink that had Sake in it and that was quite yummy. Moral? Sake alone = nasty, but combined with fruity stuff = delish!

Steven, on the other hand, enjoyed his Sake :)

I think by far the most adventurous thing I have tried this month was duck. That’s right, the animal that goes quack quack. I’ve never eaten it and never really intended to try it. I kind of got tricked. Well, ok I might have been slightly inebriated and just ate it when it was offered. My friend had ordered Chinese food late one night and it looked yummy. Almost before I knew what was happening I was shoveling a piece into my mouth. I suppose this 101 list has really helped me out because before I made a promise to myself to try new things I would have been like yeah no freaking way am I eating anything like that. But now, I just ate it. I think the alcohol helped, but either way I totally ate it no questions asked. It wasn’t terrible and I’d probably order it for myself. I’d like to try it cooked other ways because I know it would probably be better when cooked in some other fashion – although I don’t know what those other fashion’s are but I hear they are better than Chinese food.

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