Sunday, March 7, 2010

What’s that saying…don’t talk to strangers?

Well, I am not following that rule at all. In order to “stop worry about what other’s think of me” (#37 from the list of 75 things a woman should master and #90 off my list) I have been taking big steps out of my comfort zone and doing things I would normally not do at all. It is hard, but I am very proud of myself.

First this month I went to a jewelry party hosted by my friend. I’m not a huge wearer of jewelry or anything and I didn’t know everyone that would be at this party but I said I would go and I went. All by myself. I even had the opportunity to stay home with a sick husband, but decided that I needed to do this for me. And for Christine because she was kicking off her business and I was going to go to support her. It turns out that I knew a few more people than I thought and those that I didn’t know were nice and easy to talk to. They didn’t bite or look at me funny or treat me like I was some three headed monster or anything like that. I was SO proud of myself because I started conversations and joined conversations without a second thought. I didn’t even rush to leave the party early. Overall, I’m really glad I went because I think I really needed it.

Then another one of my friends was hosting a Tupperware party and this was another case of I knew I wouldn’t really know anyone but I went. Ok, well I went a little bit because I wanted some stuff but whatever. I hadn’t planned on staying long, but that wasn’t because I didn’t want to or I was uncomfortable it was more because I had a lot to do that day. I ended up staying for almost 3 hours because I didn’t even think there would be a demonstration or anything. Either way, I participated a lot during the party and socialized some afterwards. I was right though, I knew no one. Well, that’s kind of a lie, I knew some of my friends parents friends but really only in passing so I basically went into this part full of strangers and that was a huge step for me!

And my achievement – I took myself out to lunch. I was running some errands and realized that I had skipped breakfast and it was well past lunch time and I was starving. I needed to eat. Fast food was always an option, but I just didn’t want it and there was this little pizzeria place near where I was and I decided I wanted a slice of pizza. So, I went in ordered (for here!) and sat down and waited for my food to come. I was completely unprepared for this by myself lunch adventure but I had my phone so I played on that while I was waiting. I ate my lunch, caught up on emails/facebook/etc. and really enjoyed myself. I was so engulfed in myself that I didn’t even people watch nor did I care that I was there alone in this very full restaurant on a Sunday afternoon. And, I did not die. What a concept! Now when I go out to a restaurant and I see people by themselves I don’t have to wonder how they do it because I know. It’s easy.

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