Sunday, March 7, 2010

Better late than never I suppose

>Although I had never set a real deadline for myself I feel like I might be a little late with this one.

I finally finished my Honeymoon scrapbook (#16). And yes, I did so before I finished the actual wedding but that one is mostly done I just wanted to decorate it a little more. I also developed the disposable cameras from our honeymoon (#14). Never mind that it’s been almost 2 years…

Either way, I am really happy with the final product and it was so much fun looking back on the photos and reliving the trip with Steve. It totally made us want another vacation though. That’s good and bad – good because we’ll probably go somewhere for our anniversary again this year, but bad because we’d much rather take a really long vacation – like another cruise – but we can’t afford that so it’ll just be a weekend trip. Either way, it’s a vacation that we both could really use!

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