Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let’s get physical…physical…I wanna get physical….

Get your minds out of the gutter.

Seriously though, I am really proud of myself for this one. I finally have accomplished #23 – Exercise 3x a week for 2 months.

Don’t get me wrong, I exercise and I am relatively fit in general but over the last year I have slacked and not really exercised on a regular basis like I would like. So in January I decided I’d just get down to it and make exercise a priority in my daily schedule. One day I decided maybe I’d get up early and exercise before work, but that only lasted one day. So instead I allocate my time right after work as soon as I get home to working out. So far it has worked out well. I come home, say hi to the pups, the fam, and the hubs, and get changed and hop in front of the tv with a exercise video or on the treadmill.

In January, I either did some sort of workout video or the treadmill. I have a series of exercise videos called “10 Minute Solutions” so I would try to do at least 3 of those (there are 5 total and each exercise is 10 minutes so you can do a short workout or one as long as 50 minutes). So depending on how much time I had would determine what I did. More time before dinner meant a trip on the treadmill. I’d hop on, turn on the tv and walk/run for about 45 minutes. Most days I’d throw weights in there and do some arm weight training while I was on the treadmill. I really enjoy it, but it makes me totally miss running. I can run for short stints, but really the days of going for a long run are far behind me thanks to my stupid knee (and funnily enough all the running I used to do!).

In February, I let Jillian Michaels kick my ass with her 30 Day Shred. I wasn’t able to actually do it every single day, but I did manage to keep up my 3 times a week. Most weeks I tried to get in at least 4 days. She is a crazy person, but boy does she know how to make a 30 minute workout a real workout. Truthfully, I wanted to see if she was as tough as I had heard. As it turns out, she was. I started that workout feeling like I was far more out of shape than I thought I was. She kicked me into gear and I quickly caught on and was able to keep up with Natalie more than Anita .

Overall I am glad I have exercise back in my life the way it is. I was really starting to feel down about myself because my jeans were a little more snug than they used to be and the number on the scale was higher than it had ever been before. I can’t say that I dropped any weight really because that was actually not my goal since for the first time ever I am at a normal healthy weight instead of being underweight. But I was not excited with how this new weight looked on me so I wanted to tone it up which is what I did and what I am continuing to do. I’m hoping by the time summer rolls around I’ve found my beach body again!

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