Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Madness.

Nope. Not about basketball. I was trying to come up with a fun title for all those little things that I do throughout the month that I lump into one post. So this month it's March Madness.

#7 - Write George.
I've been sending George pictures of the house every week so that he can keep up with what's going on. It makes me sad that this is the only way that he can see the house, but at least I can send him pictures and talk about it on the phone. I also sent him some old pictures of the family and our friends.

#18 - Back up pictures.
I take a TON of pictures. Always with my camera. I had to buy a 2nd external hard drive so I could keep a backup of my pictures. And the other stuff on my computer. And Steve's. It's a terabyte. I sometimes wonder how long it'll be before we need to get another one. Either way, at least I've always got a backup of all my pictures. Between the computer, the hard drives, and my scrapbooks I'm good.

82 - clean out car once a month
Ok so this month I kinda cheated and the people that changed my oil cleaned the car but it still got cleaned. I don't really have much in my car in the way of trash and crap anyway. I am pretty good about taking it with me when I leave. But I got the windows cleaned and the car vacuumed. I love a clean car.

#35 - make a meal.
Something I haven't done in a while. My mother-in-law was out of town, Steve has baseball every night, my father-in-law was working overnights so he wasn't up at dinner. If I wanted food I had to make it. Most nights it was something easy like cereal or a sandwich but one night I decided on some scallops. YUMMY. They were damn good if I do say so myself. And I do.

Little butter, olive oil and garlic in a pan. Salt and pepper on the scallops. Scallops in pan for about 5 minutes. Devour. Easy peasy :)

#36 - Try a new food.
This month I went WAY out of my comfort zone food-wise. I ate an animal I never thought I would. Lamb.

Steve, Ray, and I went out to lunch after going to see our house and we had kabobs. I had never had those and there's this place across the street from the new house. It was lunch time, we were hungry and looking for something new. I ordered chicken kabobs and got a veggie kabob to go along with it. Steve got lamb kabobs. I really enjoyed mine. The rice, the meat, the sauce it was all really good. Steve asked if I wanted to try his. I laughed a little and said no. Then I decided what would it hurt. Plus I am supposed to be trying new foods. So ok I tried it.

Uh yeah I don't even really like cows so what made me think I was going to like lamb? I have no idea. It wasn't terrible, but I wouldn't say it was good. It had this weird aftertaste that I was not enjoying at all. At first bite it wasn't bad and I could see myself eating it every once in a while. Then the aftertaste kicked in and it ruined the whole thing. Glad I tried it, but not going to be eating that again.

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