Sunday, March 28, 2010

So I was in our kitchen today.

Our house. 03.28.2010.

#3 a good picture.

That's right. OUR kitchen. As in the one that we are having built. Oh yeah I stood in it. And the living room. Steve even went upstairs even though there is only a floor to the upstairs and no walls or anything. But we were INSIDE our house today. It was AWESOME. I love watching this progress. It really is cool to watch the house be built from the ground up.

I'm going to warn you. There are a LOT of pictures in the post. I took 113 today so just be thankful that there aren't more ;)

Steve coming through the garage.

In the basement.

The stairs going upstairs.


In the sunroom.

Standing in the living room looking into the kitchen.


Living room.

Box bay in the living room.

Standing in front of the box bay.

In the living room.

Going to the top floor.

Steve and Ray upstairs!

View from the backyard.

The backyard.

The side yard.

We think that we'll have the top floor and possibly a roof by next weekend! I can't wait to see it!!

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