Sunday, May 16, 2010

almost done!

the house that is! That's right. It is almost done!!!!

our street. The next row is pretty close to done too.

One week from tomorrow, we have walk-thru. I am SO beyond excited. I'm especially excited with the progress from this week. Sad that this will most likely be our last visit out to check on the progress of our house. Next weekend we could, but we'll be out there Monday to see it. That and it's pretty much done minus some cleaning, the yard, and some other little things. After next week they won't be doing anything else (unless it's fixing something we ask them to at walk-thru) so there won't be progress to check on.

This week we were greeted by carpet, appliances, shoe mold , bathroom fixtures/toilets, and (my favorite) our washer and dryer!

We've got our driveway!

Steve out front.

Hello kitchen appliances. So happy you're here!

In the fridge already.

We've got carpet! And it's awesome.

Bathroom fixtures. All we need in this bathroom are the shower doors.

Steve wanted me to sit on the toilet. I was not having any of that haha.

you know you're a grown up when you get really excited about a washer and dryer!
and I mean excited. Like I was jumping up and down clapping my hands.

Our house from the back. Can't wait to sit out here and enjoy the summer nights.

I'm a little sad that this might be my last post showing off the progress of our house. I'll probably snag a few pictures at walk-thru but the big stuff is over. The next big house post will be showing off all our stuff in it (and that's something I'm really excited for!)


  1. Wow! I cant believe its almost done! Dont be sad that you wont see anymore progress, be happy because after waiting all this time, you will finally have your own home!!!

  2. Thanks Jill! I am excited, but seeing progress is so much fun :) Now I get to be excited about the progress of my decorating skills...or lack there of haha