Saturday, May 15, 2010

Call me Miss Daisy

Cause I've got a driver. A teenage one.

I had an interesting experience last night. I was at the neighbors, hanging out, having a glass (or two) of wine and enjoying a nice, warm Friday night. Two of our neighbors have teenager drivers...well, teenagers with permits. And they wanted McDonalds. Which made me want McDonalds. They wanted to drive (duh, what teenager with a permit doesn't want to drive every chance s/he gets). It isn't far, but it was late and they didn't want to walk. I don't blame them, not far by car but pretty far for a late night, dark walk crossing a fairly main road. No one else wanted to go and so somehow I got talked (tricked) into going. I don't think I've ever seen teenagers move so fast. Hello, someone's going to let me drive alright let's go. Our little trip to the McDonalds right around the corner (not even a mile from the house) turned into we're gonna take my friend home. Apparently my wine was speaking for me and said ok that's fine. Then we had to go to the gas station to get one of the neighbors cigarettes (and as a side note, WTF, cigarettes are $5 a pack. glad I quit). It wasn't an extravagant amount of driving and we maybe drove 5 miles. But OMG. There was a TEENAGER driving me around. I wasn't nervous (thank you, wine) about the whole thing. It was definitely a learning experience. One the parents had a great chuckle about when we returned (to an already filled glass of wine. thank you, neighbor). And the kids said I was "cool" to drive with (which I attribute to the wine letting me not freak out when driver took one turn a touch too fast). They even asked if we could go out again today. Pretty sure I said check with me tomorrow when I haven't had any wine haha.

I think I lost some hearing last night. Did you know that radios go up to 49. FORTY-NINE. That's really high. And loud. Very loud. Especially when it's rap music. Which I don't generally tend to care for, especially not a super high octaves.

But, overall, my experience in the passenger seat of a car with a teenager behind the wheel was fine. He was a good driver. Speed limits, turn signals, no slamming on brakes cause we didn't slow down enough. Probably would disconnect the stereo first ha!

But hey, I survived. Maybe got my first (shut up) gray hair, but I survived none the less.

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