Tuesday, May 4, 2010

LOTS of progress on the house.

Last time I posted about the house (two weeks ago!) all we had was some drywall. We've had LOTS going on in the last 2 weeks and it's SO exciting!

First, we got our dates for FINAL walk-thru and settlement. EXCITING! We will be walking thru our FINISHED house on May 24th! I can't believe that's only 20 days away! It seems like it will never get here but it also seems like it's right around the corner (cause it so is!). On June 3rd we will go to settlement on our house and finally become homeowners. Excited and nervous don't even begin to explain it. I am BEYOND excited to move for many different reasons. One of the major ones - I want my stuff out of boxes! There are boxes everywhere around here and we're still not done packed. But in all fairness we're reaching an end and we're down to practically bare bones around here. If you saw my closet you'd wonder where all my clothes went ;) We'll be moving Friday June 4th (so seriously if you're not doing anything and you wanna give us a hand we'll take it, but we hired movers so we aren't really planning on doing much work ourselves haha. the unpacking will begin the next day...maybe on Friday night but we'll see what time the movers finish up). So there's the 4-1-1. This time next month we'll be residence of Frederick County. (ok I think I just had a small panic attack. This is the last month that I'll be a Loudoun County resident. After 27 years....I still can't believe that...).

and now on to the good stuff - our house!

These are from April 25th. We had some siding, some floor (kitchen and bathrooms), and primer on the walls!

Just a little siding. The whole side of the house was sided too.

Primer on the walls! Woo!

and under the brown paper is our kitchen floor!!

Hello tile on our bathtub

I figured I had a picture of me in the tub so why not in our tiled shower too :)

These are pictures from May 1st. We have a completed sided house. Cabinets. Painted walls. All the floor (minus carpet still) is in. And we've got trim (closet doors, baseboards, etc.) AWESOME!

SEE!! All sided!! YAAAAAAAAAY!

Why hello front porch so nice to (almost) see you!

Our painted living room!

KITCHEN CABINETS!!!! There is also counters but they're covered. This is the first time we've seen these in real life...and we're soooo happy with our selections!

Mom showing off our closet doors!

I'm not sure what we'll have this weekend but I can NOT wait to find out!!!

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