Saturday, May 29, 2010

May, May, May

May has been an incredibly busy month. I've been posting, but nothing really about my list. So here's what's happening with my list this month.

I've been sending George pictures of the progress on our house since they started construction. And this month was no different (#7 - Write George once a month). I didn't quite send him 1 letter a week like I have been recently cause I had one stamp left and haven't gotten any yet. But I did send him everything except for our walk-thru pictures because we hadn't had that yet.

I even backed-up my pictures this month (#18). I've been really slacking on that one too. And my computer has been acting...funny... Well, they're all backed-up now so that's a good thing.

I updated my resume (#93). Not looking for a job or anything, just updated it with a couple new things.

Oh. The best part. Food. I tried 2 new things this month (#36). Steven and I went out to dinner at the Hard Rock and I got this really amazing hamburger with a slice of apple and MAPLE MUSTARD. Maple. and Mustard. Two of my favorite things to eat. TOGETHER. And I'm not going to lie, the mustard is the entire reason I got that sandwich. And it was awesome. Plus, the apple on the hamburger was a nice addition. I'm going to try that. And I'm totally on the hunt for some maple mustard. It's looking like I'll have to order it online, but I'll have some :)

I also was very brave and tried alligator. Yes, alligator. And it was pretty good. Steve, Aaron and I were at a Crowded Streets show and we decided we could go for an appetizer. But with 3 of us we went ahead and ordered this meal - the Bayou Basket. Shrimp, oyster, crawfish, and alligator. It was very, very good. And I was surprised with how much I liked the alligator. I could tell what it was right off (it was the only thing in there that I hadn't eaten). I wasn't sure I'd actually like it but I did. And I'll be having the same thing next time I'm at Fat's.

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