Saturday, June 26, 2010

and we're HOMEOWNERS!!!!!!

I did mean to do this the other night, but we've had a couple of late nights here recently so I've been pretty much falling in to bed without even touching the internet with my computer (or phone). Busy, busy.

But we are finally HOMEOWNERS!!!!!! And we're so very excited!

Our settlement was scheduled for June 23, 2010 at 3:30. We got there pretty much right on time, they were still finishing up our paperwork so we had to wait. We finally started around 4:00. Not fond of the 1/2 hour wait, but everything had to be right so it was ok. We signed our lives away. And again. And again. And about 30 times. Sign this, initial this, date here.

Overall, the whole thing was easier than I thought it would be. The lady doing our settlement was really nice and she explained everything really well. By 5:15 we were leaving the settlement company with our keys and we were on our way to OUR HOME! It was really cool.

We headed over to the house, unloaded the blinds and fans we'd bought and walked around the house a bit. Of course I took a few pictures because it is the last time the house will be truly empty (that is until we leave, but that's not for a long time).

with our sign. very excited!!

you better believe I'm keeping that thing too. Not sure what (if anything) that I'll do with it, but it's ours and I'm keeping it haha.

and then we headed back to the other house (having a hard time saying home to both houses because I feel like that's confusing now even though right now we do have 2 homes lol).

We have movers scheduled for the 30th. I'm kind of sad that we aren't actually living at the new house right now, but it is giving me a chance to get some stuff done before we move. Steve's in New York right now at a baseball tournament otherwise he'd be helping too.

Thursday and Friday after work I went by our storage unit and filled up my car with our kitchen stuff (since it's the only room I can mostly unpack....since it's the only room with stuff (cabinets) in it haha). I think I have all of the kitchen stuff from storage, but it's been so long that I don't know off hand if there are more boxes in the storage unit. I did discover a lot of things I completely forgot I had. We have a TON of kitchen stuff and I think we might run out of space pretty quickly. We had a hutch at our previous house that we're not using here and I'm pretty sure I really needed that space. Oh well, just means I need something new to store that in (maybe). We'll have a better idea once we get our furniture in there though.

And this is a glimpse of all the boxes I've unpacked so far. They're stacked on top of each other too. It was a lot. I am really proud of myself for all that I've accomplished so far!! Now I just need to figure out how to get those to the dumpster at the end of the street. But probably Sunday when no one is around to see me haha. But I definitely want them out of the way before the movers get there.

Friday while I was there I even watered our lawn. The nice people at Dan Ryan (the builder) gave us a hose and sprinkler. I was going to buy one, but I'm glad I didn't. I watered the back "lawn" too, but that's more of dirt because they just seeded the backyard instead of laying sod. We do have a little bit of grass growing back there, but not much. I'm wondering if the seed hasn't taken and if it is going to take. Either way, I'm going to water it because if I don't then I have to re-seed, but if I do and it doesn't take then Dan Ryan will. I want them to because I have no idea what it takes to re-seed a lawn (though I guess I should figure that out since we're homeowners now! but that's what I've got a husband for haha...kidding baby, I have you for more than just that.)

My mom is going to help me take some more stuff over this weekend. We're going to unpack anything that can go in a kitchen cabinet, under a bathroom sink, or in one of our linen closets. Because anything else doesn't have a home yet since we haven't moved any furniture yet. I'm glad I have a few days to get some of this done because we move Wednesday, and then Thursday we leave for twelve (12!!!) days with baseball. First to North Carolina and then to Georgia. So I'm glad I'll be able to get some unpacking done before we leave so I don't have such a mess to come home too. I can't wait until we're actually IN the house. And for more than 1 day. But I will be very excited to spend that first night in the house.

But with that, I have completed 2 more items off my 101 list. #54 - Save for a Downpayment for a home. Saved and spent. Check. and #71 - Buy our first home. With excitement, CHECK!

For now, that's all I have. Stay tuned for stories of unpacking and decorating.

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