Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's definitely summer.

How do I know that? Not cause of Memorial Day. No that's my enjoy the hell out of one free weekend before the summer actually starts. Baseball. That's how we know it's summer in this house. It literally is our summer thing. And I'm not talking Major League. I'm talking travel ball. High School age. How many kids do we have? 20. Of our own? None. But my husband loves it and I love him. Plus, it's a new place every weekend with a bunch of really fun kids and parents. We always have a blast. This always brings back #2. Go to at least 3 Mustangs game in a Season. Which really is one of my favorite things to do. I love watching Steve coach. The boys really respond to him and one of the mom's even said that she really believes that Steve helped save her son's life. He loves this. LOVES. And he's good at it. It makes me proud.

This weekend I'm missing their first game. It's a bummer, but it couldn't be helped. Steve also coaches a GLBR team. Well, really he's really only a weekday hitting instructor/coach because he's gone every weekend, but he still coaches them. They had a game in Winchester Saturday so I went to that one. I missed the first game of the double header (DH) but I got there just in time to see the start of the second game. And they won. They won both games actually. We even got Sonic afterwards!! I love Sonic. And I think it's going to be somewhat bad for my health to be moving to Winchester where they have 2 Sonics. And one of them is across the street from my house. I'm excited though because Cherry Limeaid is the BEST drink. Ever.

This weekend wasn't quite a Mustangs game, but it was a game. And even with the sprinkle shower we had (which actually felt really good on such a hot day) it was fun.

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