Sunday, June 6, 2010


We had our pre-settlement walk-thru last week and our follow-up walk-thru on Thursday.

The house looks awesome! and I can NOT wait to get in and make it ours.

See. Awesome.

We've got a yard. And we're really hoping it takes. They've been watering it a lot and it's been so hot that it still looks a little...brown...

Bushes! and a tiny little tree!! Love it.

Welcome to our home.
The foyer.

It's hard to tell but he's having a hard time reaching up there. Awesome. That means I'm going to need something to stand on. Well, it does mean I'll need to BUY something to stand on and who can turn down a necessary shopping trip ;)

The sunroom.

The living room.

Half of our room.

Our really awesome bathroom. I'm so incredibly happy with the way it turned out. And so was the Project Manager. He said it was the best bathroom he's put in the development.

This is going to be the office.

Guest room. They're both almost the same size but this one has a bigger closet and might be a little wider.

The back of the house. Measuring for steps so we can actually get out here!

The side yard. Really wish there was sod in the back, but there's seed so hopefully it takes and we get a yard :)

Little update on the move and everything. We didn't move this weekend. Sadly. But everythings fine we just had to switch loans. We were originally getting a USDA loan but they ran out of money/it would probably put us past the June 30th tax credit deadline. So we switched to FHA. It moved us to a little later in the month, but we're still in June. For now, it's settlement on the 18th (but I'm actually expecting this to move a day or two in either direction). We've got our movers for the 23rd. We may or may not be able to move that, but because the end of the month gets so busy and we have to move before we leave on July 1st for Georgia (and we're gone til the 12th...). So if there are days between settlement I'm going to haul boxes back and forth so we don't need the movers as long and can save some money. So that's pretty much what I'm hoping for haha.

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