Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day trip to the Inner Harbor.

I've got a thing for harbor's this month huh? I like going to the harbor(s). It's so pretty and there's lots of stuff to see and do. And plenty of window shopping opportunities.

Earlier this month Steve and I planned a day trip to the Inner Harbor and we saw ATAL that night. It was an awesome day. We headed out mid-morning and it took forever to get there. Not sure why, but it did.

We spent the day wandering around and taking in the scenery. It was nice to spend the day together with no real purpose to our journey.

We did some window shopping in the shops there. I was on the hunt for something, but ended up with nothing. I didn't know exactly what I wanted, but I figured I would know it when I saw it. In the end I saw nothing that I just had to have, but it was still fun trying :)

We saw a street performer and that was kind of neat. Her show was interesting and there were parts that were really good, but she did a LOT of talking and not a whole lot of performing. We gave her a buck because it was entertaining.

First, she put herself in this ball and jumped around and stuff. This one was actually disappointing because I thought she could have done more with it. But she did jump over some kids from the audience. Well, roll over. That part was neat, but a let down overall.
Then she went on to the hula hoops. This one was better than the bubble part. She ended up with 5 hula hoops twirling around at once. It was pretty cool.

And for her finale, fire. Juggling fire. This one was cool. She started out slow, with 2 or 3. And worked her way up to 5. She juggled them in the air and even around her body. Way braver than I would be, but it was really cool.

After her performance there was more wandering.

Steve was being uncooperative here.

But I managed to get a good one out of him :)

After a while we decided it was time for dinner. So we had a nice dinner date (#1) at Hard Rock Cafe.

And it was yummy. I had an awesome hamburger with an apple slice and maple mustard. SO GOOD! They even gave me a little mustard on the side which I used for my fries. yum!

After dinner we were trying to kill some time before we met up with the band and headed to the show.

We saw another street performer, this one better than the first. But we didn't get to see the whole thing because we were in the restaurant.

He juggled fire too. But on a ball. And used a lady from the audience to stead him while he had fire right above her head.

He was really entertaining and I wish I had seen his whole show.

After this it was on to the show. It was really cool to see them because this was their headlining tour. We hung out on the bus before they went on and that was a lot of fun. It was good to catch up with them and just hang out and relax.

They put on an excellent show and I'm so glad we went.

This isn't the best picture of us, but we'd been having a really good time :)

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