Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baseball-vacation. Part 1.

Right after we moved we hit the road for our baseball-vacation. 12 days. 12 days of baseball, vacation, new friends, old friends, and fun. There’s a lot to talk about so I’m breaking it up into 2 posts. Plus, of course, there are pictures.

We started our adventure THE DAY AFTER moving day. We had 1 lone night in our new home before we hit the road. Kind of upsetting. Mostly because we had been planning this trip for months and we were supposed to be in WEEKS before the trip, but best laid plans…

Anyway, we started our trip in Greenville, NC for a baseball tournament. The whole point of this trip anyway.

Steven had 2 games Friday, I only got to go to 1 of them Friday because I had to work during the day. Well, I didn’t actually have to but I needed to so I did. After the first game we went out to BBQ and it was AWESOME. Good ol’ North Carolina BBQ. I am not quite a fan of vinegar based BBQ, but they did have a bangin’ sauce that I smothered my BBQ in. And it was amazing. The whole meal was delish. They had hush puppies, my absolute favorite. Corn sticks (which I discovered are just like corn bread but in stick form), mac and cheese, green beans, and some sweeeeeeeeeet tea. I love my tea sweet and this was right up my alley.

I made it to the second game and it was an OK game. They lost. Which was the theme that weekend and it was a bad theme if you ask me. Evening-ish game though so no sunburn for me! Always a concern for my pale ass Irish skin.

After the game, some of the kids were helping us pack up the car and since we were traveling for so long we had a ton of stuff with us. Most of it was actually at the hotel, but some of it was left in the car for some reason. And Parker found it and decided to dress up for us a bit.
First, he found Steve's bathing suit and decided that it would look good over his baseball pants. He comes walking around my car like nothing was unusual and we look over and hello baseball pants with a bathing suit over top looks a little funny. Then, we encourage him some, and I fish out my snuggie and he has no objections about putting that on. Even though it is pink. So he puts that on over the baseball uniform, bathing suit combo and shows off for us. It was hilarious. We actually had to tell him to take this off. I seriously love the kids on this team.

We went out to dinner with some of the families after the game and we enjoyed a meal at Carolina Pasta Works (CPQ). It was a recommendation from the front desk clerk and it was a good one! We were going to go to Bdubs, by request of the kids, but this was WAY better. Steve and I got the exact same thing which is quite rare but it was pasta full of seafood. This dish actually had grouper in it, which I have never actually had, so I did manage to try something new while we were there (#36 – try new food).

Saturday morning we had a fairly early game, which kind of sucked. I really don’t like early games because it means getting up early and thanks to my wonderful husband I usually have to be at the field like an hour or so before the game cause that’s when he has to be there. This time though I rode with a parent so I didn’t have to leave quite as early as him (I was still sleeping when he left haha!). Another loss, I tell you, the theme. AND I GOT FREAKING SUN BURN ON MY THIGHS. While wearing SPF 30 AND sitting IN THE SHADE. What kind of crap is that. My luck. It wasn’t terrible, but it definitely did look funny. Not to mention that I sat with my legs fully extended so that there was the chance for my whole leg to get sun even though I was in the shade but NO. Only the top of my legs. Whatever. I’m not bitter (ok, I am.)

After our time in Greenville we packed up and hit the road for Jacksonville, NC to see 2 of our friends. We didn’t have to be in Atlanta until Monday so it worked out that we could see them and spend some time with them while we were down there. It was nice to catch up and hang out since it’s been literally forever since we’ve seen them. Candace had a DJ gig on Saturday so we didn’t get a whole lot of hanging out time with her because she left not long after we got there, but we were all still up when she got home. We went out to dinner with Doug at O’Charley’s and then hit up Wal-mart so the boys could get golf balls for their golfing outing the next day and so I could get wine. Necessities people, necessities. We played cards after Candace got home and had a good time.

Sunday was a lazy-ish day. Doug and Candace had church in the AM. We went to lunch with the group after they were done, and then we split up. Candace and I picked up her friend and we hit the beach (#63 – go to the beach). It was a nice couple hours and would you believe that I pretty much got NO sun. I mean I lathered up with the sunscreen, AND I laid out in hopes of actually getting some kind of sun, but yeah nothing. Irony? I do not enjoy it. We swam in the ocean, which I am normally not a fan of, but it wasn’t all that bad. I might actually be ok with it from now on as long as it isn’t crazy choppy. And the water was so nice.

They boys were supposed to meet us there, but we got bored waiting so we headed home instead of waiting for them. They left golf a little bit after we left the beach, so they just headed back.

We all got showered and whatnot and started dinner (on Candace’s new grill!) and then just hung out. And, for Independence Day, we did not see any fireworks. Kinda felt bad because I don’t think I’ve ever not seen them, and we were down there by Lejune so I feel like it would have been really cool, but yeah no, no fireworks this year.

We played cards again (and we lost. Big time. Whatever. I don’t want to talk about it). We headed to bed kind of early because we were hoping to get on the road early and Doug had to work. It was a short trip, but it was lots of fun and I’m so glad we got to spend some time with them!

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