Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baseball-vacation. Part 2.

I had been SO excited about our trip to Georgia. For a lot of reasons. For one, it was a new state for me to visit (hello, # 65) and for two, it was a long time away from my office (though not quite off work), and for three, I have some friends there that I was going to meet up with. Excitement all around!

We left NC Monday morning fairly early, but not super early, because after all we had nothing that we needed to do that day except for get there. The GPS took us out of NC through these back roads, but not like po-dunk back roads, they were like 50MPH back roads that put us about 20 minutes from the South Carolina border on 95 and for the day after July 4th that was not too shabby.
The drive was nice and relaxing, no real traffic, very few cars actually though at one point one of them was going super slow but we remedied that as soon as we could. Oh, and we almost hit a chicken. That’s right a chicken. We’re driving along and I’m snapping away at the scenery with the camera because there isn’t much else to do and all of a sudden Steve goes “holy crap” and hits the brakes pretty hard. Which totally prompted me to freak out. I look out the window and there is a CHICKEN crossing the road. (Why’d the chicken cross the road you ask? This one apparently had a slight death wish). But yeah, rolling through total farm country and we almost hit a chicken. And it was the only one we saw. It wasn’t like there was a flock of them or something, nope, just the one. We did not hit the chicken, but it provided for some entertainment and a few minutes of statements like “I can’t believe we almost hit a chicken; A chicken; and Where the hell did that chicken come from.”That was pretty much the extent of our NC excitement. The rest of the ride was pretty smooth.

We entered South Carolina and OF COURSE we had to go to South of the Border. We almost didn’t, because Steve was afraid I’d do some shopping damage. I reminded him that a) what could I possibly need from a tourist trap and b) we didn’t have the room for much in the way of shopping because the car was packed with our luggage and all of the baseball equipment. I win. We stopped.

Plus, seeing as how I’d never been that far down south by car I had never been there. We stopped at one store and I got the obligatory t-shirt and a shot glass and magnet to add to my collection. We did a little wandering around, and it was nice to stretch our legs, but we were making this a whole day adventure by playing mini-golf or riding the rides. We did walk through a few other stores, but it was the same stuff and we already bought what we “needed.”

We had some lunch at a place I probably would not have even entered had it not been for our location. Plus, Mexican food on a car trip can be risky. But we had some delish Mexican food and then we hit the road. I took a nap pretty much as soon as we left SOB, which was like the first car nap I’d had the entire trip.

After my nap I took over driving and I drove the rest of the way. I enjoyed the shit out of the 70MPH speed limits. I was a little nervous as we got into Georgia and had to actually get off the highway to figure out where the house was and whatnot, but I did just fine. And it was a good thing that I did that part of the driving because the next day I had to drive from the field THROUGH the city to the airport all by myself. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be because it wasn’t like driving around here with all the crazies. And did I mention the 70MPH speed limits? Yeah, I’m a fan.

When we entered Georgia Steve was the passenger. I made him get a shot of the "Welcome to Georgia" sign and he did it. Those are definitely hard to get. Especially when your driver is going 80 or so and didn't really slow down a whole lot for you to get this shot. It's a good thing he practiced getting shots of signs for the few miles before we entered.

And right after we got in to Georgia we noticed some smoke and traffic in front of us. I was not a fan, because it meant slowing down and I was really enjoying going fast. But it looked like there was some really bad accident up there. With the smoke and the fire trucks and the long line of cars trying to get by (if they were, we could not tell at that point).

When we got closer we realized it was a LOT of smoke. And it went on for a really long time. Strangest accident ever. And probably the worst one we would ever see. Well, it was not an accident. It was a fire. In the trees/forest on the side of Highway 20. It was a little sad to see, because you could tell it was doing some damage. But there were a lot of firefighters there and they were doing their best to stop it. I know it was a really long one and it looked like it was kind of deep, but I don't know what ever happened with it. We never heard. I hope it wasn't too much damage though.

We managed to get around the fire ok, and get back on our way. We got to the house, got settled, and relaxed a bit. We didn't do a whole lot in the way of anything that first night. I decided after seeing the length of this post that I think I'll be making a few more than just 2. I think I'll break it up into baseball in one post and then the other stuff we did in another. Apparently a week is a little too much to cram in to just 2 posts. Oh well, that just means more for you to read (and see!).

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