Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh July where did you go.

And June too, I think I forgot to blog about some of the items from June. Ah well, I’m going to try to recap July and we’ll just put June behind us.

July was an incredibly busy month for me (us), but at the same time it wasn’t. Strange how that works out really. We moved, then took our vacation, and then came back to unpack, and a trip to see George, then the last baseball tournament of the summer. And July was over like that. But during the week we were boring people just enjoying being in our house, just the two of us with 1 dog that doesn’t bark like a nutcase or pee every.freaking.where. And it has been pretty freaking awesome.

Some of the things for July happened while we were in Georgia, so I’ll get to those when I get to that post. Which will be soon. But this is for everything else that didn’t happen in Georgia.

Like I backed up my pictures (#18). Big whoop right? But my computer is SO old that I am seriously afraid it is going to just die like my last one and I will lose all my pictures just like my last one (even though a certain guy I may or may not have married promised me that before he did anything to “fix” it – because it wasn’t quite broken yet – that he would back up everything. And then he forgot. And then he killed it. So all those photos from when we were first dating, unless I printed them out or uploaded them to some website, gone. Sad). Anyway…so yeah I’m like all about backing up my pictures now pretty much any time I import anything with great importance.

I have been cooking more in the new house. I love it. I didn’t so much at the ILs because it wasn’t my kitchen, and I didn’t know where the heck anything really was, and frankly I never really got the chance. Anyway, I am SO very much enjoying cooking. I even experimented and it turned out (even Steve said it was really good, and ate it all, booya!) So I’m thinking about changing this #35 up a bit to make something new so that I can expand my culinary skills. And this month, July, I made some chicken breasts that I seasoned (without using a package of seasoning or something from a box!) and made some au gratin potatoes (from a box, not a master yet guys!). I think I also made some kind of (frozen) veggie to go with it, but can’t remember which one. Either way, delish! And it is SO nice to have actual leftovers to bring to work for lunch instead of frozen meals because those tend to get old. Fast. Though I do still buy them for when we are far too lazy to cook. Which happens, but that’s ok.

I did manage to come up with 10 more items to fill up my 100 things that make me happy list (#94)
26. our home
27. holding my husbands hand
28. the warmth of the sun
29. organization
30. a good nap
31. a hot shower
32. hot tea
33. an adventure with my husband
34. a hug from George
35. Steve taking care of me when I’m sick

I really do like this list I’m coming up with. Between coming up with 100 different things that actually make me happy in some way, and my therapy, I am feeling a lot better about life. Where I am, who I’m with, and all that jazz. I love adding to it. When I come up with something I run and grab my notebook and jot it down and usually a few more follow. Obviously, it is a while between when I write about them because I like to do them in 10’s, and with the past year I’ve had it has been hard to come up with things that make me happy but I can’t wait to read it, as a whole, when I reach 100. Though that doesn’t make me want to rush to jot down 80 more things, because I want a list I can look back on and know that no matter what they will make me happy. Truly happy.

And finally, I have a “grateful” for this month (#91).

I am grateful for our home. And finally being in it.

I just did a little post on home and this might be redundant, but I’ll try not to make it that way. I am grateful that we have a home. I know some people are not as fortunate to not only have a home of their own, but to have a home in general. I am also grateful, that in this economy, and even though my husband doesn’t have a regular full time job, we were still able to afford a very nice home. And we were able to have one built so that it really is our home. I’m also grateful that we are finally back on our own. The last few months were difficult for various reasons, and it just became an uncomfortable living environment. I honestly, on several occasions, almost moved in with my parents just to get out of there. I was on the verge of absolutely miserable, so it is very nice to actually want to go home instead of dreading it.

So there you go. A little update about July. I’ll be posting the rest of our vacation soon(ish), along with some other things as we roll through August.

And on another note. HELLO IT IS AUGUST. When in the world did that happen?! Like, the year is more than half over and I feel like pretty soon we’ll be decorating our house for Christmas (sooooo excited to break out all um…10 boxes…of decorations and decorate our home. For realz). Anyway, just wanted to point out that this year is zoooooming by in case you hadn’t noticed.

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