Friday, August 13, 2010

Georgia. The baseball edition.

So I'm breaking up this Georgia trip we took in to 2 parts - baseball and the other stuff we did. This is the baseball part.

This one is all about the baseball games (and #2 off my list). We got to Georgia Monday evening, and games started Tuesday morning. Bright and freaking early. Did I mention that Steve thought it would be an AWESOME idea to rent a house. It was, I'll give him that. It would have been an even better idea to rent a house less than an HOUR away (or more, sometimes more) from But it was really nice to be in a house and be able to do laundry (hello smelly baseball clothes!) and the other 2 coaches stayed with us so it wasn't like we got a big ass house (it was huge) for just the two of us.

But anyway, back to the baseball. Tuesday's game started at like 9. And we had to be there at like 7. Which meant we left at 6. Not so fun when you don't go to bed until super late the night before because you're retarded. The game was ok. We didn't win, but we didn't let up all that many runs which was good so at least we weren't clobbered. And we thought we were going to get killed, so it was better than we thought even though we lost. I didn't get to actually watch the entire game because I had to go get one of the other coaches from the airport. And the nice thing about this tournament? Only one game a day. So we were free to do lots of other things...but that's in another post.

Wednesday's game was another loss. It was the theme of the weekend I'll just put that out there right now. This game was not as good as the first. We let up a lot of runs and didn't score nearly enough. Pretty sure this one was called on time. They were definitely strict about their 2 hour time limits that is for sure.

I've got to admit. I love my new camera and I'm SO glad I went out and spent all that money. I haven't bought any more lenses than it came with originally, but I will eventually. I am quite fond of the long lens and it was especially useful at this game. See, down by the field there was like NO shade. We'll, some artificially provided by a tent, but it was still hot. The field was down a hill a little bit and on the first base line there was this nice view that I could see the entire field AND be under the cover of lots of trees. It was awesome. I spent about 1/2 the game up there and, with my long lens, was able to get some cool pictures of the guys in the dugout. Well, I think they're cool.

Thursdays game was at the East Cobb facility. And it is a nice facility. It was also hot as crap. But it was Georgia. In July. So it was hot as crap every day. This was our first mid-afternoon game which made it even hotter. Before we were just faced with 90' 9. Yuck. They boys played ok, but definitely had been worn out by the loss' and the heat.

I didn't make it to Friday's game because I was ill the night before and even though I was feeling better that morning I didn't feel the need to be out in the heat again. Plus, I needed to get some work done. Which I had been doing thanks to the broadband card and my "office" set up in the back of my Hyundai. I'm really glad we brought my car, though all of our crap for a 12 day vacation + baseball gear would in no way fit in Steve's car.

I didn't make it to Saturday's game either because of a pre-planned date with some friends. I was bummed to be missing 2 games in a row, but I had been planning this lunch for a while and I was not coming all this way and not meeting up with my girls!

Sunday was our last game. And the furthest. Like an hour and a half. And I'm pretty sure in the opposite direction of home, though we weren't going straight home because we were stopping in downtown ATL one last time. Another hot as hell day. And this field had no shade. Half-way through the game I had to go sit in the car with the AC pumpin' because I just couldn't sit outside in the blazing hot sun anymore.

At the end of the week I think the kids were beat. We'd had fun despite our miserable record. The whole trip was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed hanging out with the kids and parents. We had some great parents this year and I was sad our 12 days of fun was coming to an end. Especially because I knew I wouldn't be at the next 2 tournaments. I'm hoping we get invited back next year because I have totally fallen in love with the state of Georgia and want to go back already.

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