Sunday, August 29, 2010

Georgia. The fun stuff.

I just realized that I never typed this out. It seems like forever ago that we went, even though it was just last month.
We had an awesome time in Georgia and we will definitely be going back when it is not July and also not a thousand degrees outside so we can enjoy the outside things that Georgia has to offer. I'll give the basic run-down. We were there for a week and I'm wordy in general so it'll be a super long post if I don't just give a basic run-down. Hopefully pictures will speak louder than words in this one :)

Monday we got to Georgia. Nothing super fun planned because well, we had been driving all day. Steve and I did end up on a little dinner date (#1 - go on a date) which was really nice because with all the traveling he'd been doing for baseball without me, the closing/moving, and being surrounded by the team even when I do come we haven't had a chance to just go out by ourselves for a while! We hit up Cracker Barrel. One of my most favorite places. We didn't really want to eat at any chain type restaurants, but it was semi-late, I was starving, and we knew this would be good. Plus, I wanted to do a little CB store shopping :)

Tuesday, we were up and at-em really early for baseball. After the game, we hit up the hotel pool. Not our hotel because we did not have one. The team hotel. Steve apparently made plans with the boys to do some swimming. The kids? Never showed. They were, in fact, somewhere else. After we headed back to our house we had to run to the store to get food to stock the house.
Then, we get home and Steve pretty much immediately gets sick. So we just stayed in for the rest of the night. Him all sick, me pretty much alone, and the other coaches I don't know at all hanging out. Not fun for me at all.

Wednesday, another game then some free time. We went to the World of Coke Wednesday. We wanted to do both that and the Aquarium in the same day, but we got to the WoC a little too late to do both. It's ok, another day. WoC was SO cool and a lot of fun. I tried 60 different kinds of coke (#36 - try new food). They had this room full of cokes from around the world and I walked in there knowing that I'd try them all. Steve said there was no way. I totally did.
Just to prove a point. My stomach, later, made it very clear that it was not happy with all the sugar. Overall we had a great time. We watched a 4D movie about the secret of coke and that was really cute. We explored all the exhibits, of which there were not a ton, but it was really cool to walk around and see all the memorabilia (like all the Olympic torches, a World Series ring, old coke bottles) and to see the factory actually make coke. We even got a souvenir coke bottle. (We drank those. Kept the bottles though).

Thursday, we headed to the Aquarium finally. I made it through ONE exhibit before I got sick. BUMMER. Steve took me home and got us rainchecks so we could go back. We ended up going back Sunday after our last game and before leaving for home. It was REALLY cool. I love aquariums. They had a lot of fun exhibits and their fish made for some really pretty pictures. It is the largest aquarium in the world. It might not look it, but it really is.
I think that's based on how much water they have, but I can't remember. They did have 2 Beluga Whales and they were really cool to watch. Magnificent creatures really. And Penguins. They are so cute! Even got a little photo op to snag a picture of me with one :)

Friday I stayed home to recover some more. After the games Steve and I were going to go to the Marietta Diner because I'd been told we had to go. So we started out...but then we got thwarted by a horrible storm.
The sky looked very dark and mean so we decided that we probably wouldn't get on the road at home so why chance it in another state we aren't familiar with. So another night in. Kind of disappointed about that especially since the storm ended up lasting like 10 minutes and then was totally over. Oh well!

Saturday afternoon I met up with some friends of mine from the knot/nest. It was SO great to actually meet them in person and actually hear their voices. Totally awesome women and it was like we were old friends. Which, we kind of, really are. We had like a 3 hour lunch and could just not stop talking. It really was a great time.

Saturday night Steve finally took me to the Marietta Diner. IT WAS YUMMY!!! And, as soon as we got there, I realized why this place sounded so familiar. They were on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!!!! OMG. There are like NO places in VA on that show and I've always wanted to go to one of those places and now I have been. It definitely deserved to be on that show. SUCH good food. For real. If you get down to GA and are in the Marietta area you totally owe it to yourself to go.
After that, I wanted to do more touristy stuff but since we were stuck with one of the other coaches we couldn't. We went back to Dave & Busters. Not really my idea of a really fun last night in Georgia but what can you do.

Overall, we had a fun trip but I was really disappointed with the amount of touristy stuff I got to do even though I was promised this was going to be our vacation and we wouldn't have to do anything baseball related other than go to 1 game a day.
Next year we're taking an actual vacation and none of this baseball vacation crap because that? Not really a vacation for me. Which is why we are totally going back to Georgia to tick off the other things on my list!

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