Monday, October 4, 2010

Not a fan.

So ‘round here – and probably elsewhere too – they card people that look under 30. For anything. Want cigarettes? Look under 30. ID please. Alcohol? Look under 30. ID please. Want to get in a bar after 9 and you look under 30. You guessed it. ID please.

This has always been the case for me. I’ve been carded since the day I turned 18. Probably would have been before, but because I always look young I never tried my luck for fear of getting in serious trouble. And I wasn’t one of those rebel kids that had a fake ID. I just had older friends. So much easier. Even after I had been old enough to buy cigarettes for a while I was still getting carded for them. And most of the time (after about the age of 25) the cashier would apologize for carding me for cigarettes commenting on the fact that they never would have guessed. I always said “no problem, I’d rather be carded than having someone just assume I’m old enough because it makes me feel young.” It always made my day.

And recently? I’m NOT being carded.


Cigarettes, alcohol, nothing. (well, really what else is there? Either way. No ID required.)



Do I have this look about me that screams – she’s almost 30 so don’t even bother carding her?

Because if I do? I really want to know how to fix that. And like reverse that. Because apparently these people did not get the memo that I will not actually be turning 30 even if the years pass. I will be holding steady at 29. Just like my mom.

Who, by the way, sometimes still gets carded.

It happened once. I was at the grocery store. Some probably high school/early college age girl rang me up, and I had a bottle of wine, nothing fancy (it was just Food Lion after all) but nothing that screamed I was buying this hear bottle of wine to get snockered (a la Boone’s Farm). And she rang up all my shit. I put the bottle of wine at the end on purpose cause I wanted everything else rung up in case she had to get a managers approval to actually sell alcohol. And so she wasn’t asking for my ID as I was still trying to put stuff on the conveyor belt. Anyway, she just rang it up and announced the total like nothing had happened.

UM WHAT? I wanted to be like don’t you want to see my ID because there is NO WAY I look old enough to buy that. And I didn’t want to call attention to the fact that I have the new stupid Virginia drivers license that totally looks fake and let’s face it? My goal? Leave the store with my wine and go home and have a glass. (and truthfully, I was so sad about the fact that I didn’t get carded I drank half the bottle. It was Friday night after all. Don’t judge. CLEARLY I am old enough.)

But I chalked it up to the fact that grocery store cashier simply did not care if I was old enough or not. Figuring I was really still at least a few years of only randomly getting carded.

THEN a few days later I had to stop and get cigarettes. AND AGAIN. Not carded. I am beginning to think that these people do not realize that if the purchaser looks under 30 you are totally supposed to card them and MAKE THEIR DAY. Either that or these people are rude and routinely go about not making anyone’s day.

THEN we went out to dinner and I thought FOR SURE I will get carded. So I ordered a drink even though I did not want one. NOPE. No such luck. Now I am all downtrodden about the fact that I look old. AND feel old. AND am getting old.

Which reminds me. I need wine…


  1. You don't look a day over 21 ;)

    The rule in GA is that they card everyone. It helps my ego.

  2. Thanks girl! I think the same thing...I wish they'd card everyone here, but no such luck haha