Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Days About Me: Day 1 – Your Favorite Song

This one was a hard one that is for sure. FOR SURE. I have absolutely NO musical talent. I couldn’t (can’t) carry a tune if you were to hand it to me in a bucket or tape it to my hand. I’m ok with that. I still sing. By myself of course. In the shower, while I’m cleaning, in the car, anywhere really. But always by myself. I used to sing in chorus in school, so maybe I exaggerate when I say I can’t sing, but I’m not like a stop you in your tracks oh my God she’s good singer.

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite song. I have a lot. For different reasons. Love songs, pick you up songs, belt it out in the car songs, sad songs, funny songs, songs that take me back to a different place in my life. I love music. I love that I can find something to fit whatever mood I’m in. And most always it’s going to be a country song.

Without a doubt the song that stops me in my tracks and takes me back to the dance floor on my wedding day as my brand new husband was twirling me around and I was all dolled up feeling like a princess is Heaven by Bryan Adams. It takes me back to when Steve and I would dance around our townhouse so he could get me to “practice” my dancing skills (as I have none…). He will still randomly put it on and dance me around. It’s one of my favorite memories.

Then there is The Baby by Blake Shelton. Every single time I hear that song? I think of my brother. He’s the baby. In our family, of the cousins, of the grandkids. And he’s the troubled one. This song also makes me think of my uncle, my dad’s baby brother. Him and my brother? The freaking same. I have a lot of trouble with that song. Especially since my uncle passed last year. It will always be a memory inducing song, and one I do enjoy a lot, but it will always be hard to hear.

I’m having a hard time pinning down a single favorite song. Because there are so many that I love. But I am thankful that I am a Country girl. Through and through. My parents were big country listeners. Growing up it was always on the radio. We took road trips? Country music on the radio. Run to the store? Country music on the radio. And when I got my first car? Country music on the radio. When I discovered XM? I discovered a TON of country music stations. Country has gotten me through many times in my life – difficult, happy, sad, good and bad. There is generally a country song that fits any mood I’m in. It’s good for decompressing on my drive home or for waking me up on the way to work.

And now I feel like putting on my iPod and hitting shuffle and seeing where it takes me.

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