Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Days About Me: Day 2 – Your Favorite Movie

This one is way easier than that whole favorite song thing. My favorite movie? Of all time? ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Both versions. The SyFy TV Alice in Wonderland Movie (haven’t seen it? You should.) I have read Alice, have books that I’d like to read about Alice. Anything Alice. I even took a Non-Sense Fiction class in college because we got to read Lewis Carroll. I love that man. And that girl.

I love the whole Alice story. The whole trippy story. It is an amazing fantasy world. If you read the book Carroll describes the whole world perfectly. With his ability to paint the picture of Wonderland and Alice’s adventure in the crazy world. And when you see the movie. The original or the Johnny Depp version. You are transported into this fantasy world. I saw the Depp version in 3D and that was AMAZING. It was a little different than the original as far as story line goes, but for the most part it was the same story. A little girl that falls down a rabbit hole into a true fantasy world. With the white rabbit.

Potions and cakes that make you very big or very small. The caterpillar. On his giant mushroom with his hookah. The mushroom that also will make her taller or smaller that will eventually bring Alice back to normal. Alice’s interactions with the Cheshire Cat and his ability to just appear and disappear whenever Alice “needs” him. The tea party. With the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. A truly mad tea party. A croquet game with played with flamingos. A crazy Queen with all her crazy “off with his head” nonsense. And a crazy day in court. All for it to end with Alice being awoken by her sister and for her to realize her fantasy world was just a dream.

I enjoy the original version more than the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp version because I think the original version is closer aligned to Carroll’s story, but Tim Burton does wonderful things with Carroll’s story and really brings out the whole trippy fantasy world. If you are an Alice lover and haven’t seen Tim Burton’s version you definitely should. It is definitely a must see.

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