Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Days About Me: Day 3 – Your Favorite Television Program.

This is another tough one. I enjoy TV. I enjoy a lot of TV programs of all kinds. The hubs and I definitely have to coordinate the TiVo before the fall season starts because we record for me, him, and for both of us.

My favorite show that is currently on air has got to be Grey’s Anatomy. McDreamy and McSteamy. Meredith and Christina. The whole Alex and Izzy cancer and marriage drama. Even though Izzy isn't on the show anymore. I was sad about that, but it is what it is. Meredith’s drama with her dad. Her mom. The Chief. When Meredith’s sister showed up as a resident at her hospital. I cried when Meredith almost died at the ferry boat accident. I cried when her mom died. I cried when her dad’s wife got hiccups and then ultimately died. I definitely cried when Denny died. I rejoiced when Christina and Burke were set to be married, but was sad to not watch her walk down that aisle though I was happy when she married Owen. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve held my breath in suspense. How can one not love this show? Seriously it’s great television.

My favorite show of ALL TIME? One which I can recite words to pretty much every episode. Friends. I LOVE THAT SHOW! It was seriously the best show ever. Ross and Rachel? Best couple ever. I was SUPER excited at the end of the series when they were going to get back together. But then sad when I realized THE SHOW WAS OVER and I'd never get to see them together again. And Emma. A-freaking-dorable. Monica and Chandler? Second best. I love Chandler. And his mannerism and his jokes. And Monica and her crazy. The neatness. The OCD. She's me. Or I'm her. Joey and Phoebe? How can you not love them. The couple that's not a couple. How they have secret "dates" that aren't dates but they totally talk about everyone else. The older I get the more I can relate to the show. My friend calls me crazy plate lady Monica. Because I so am. And the two of us are like Monica and Rachel. I totally cried the day that show ended. It was like the end of an era. But thank God for re-runs and TV on DVD because I don’t know what I’d do without my Friends.

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  1. That show makes me cry almost every week! I don't know if its my favorite but I do enjoy it.