Thursday, November 18, 2010

30 Days About Me: Day 14 — Something you could never get tired of doing.

Would it be silly to say napping? Or am I supposed to come up with something more interesting?

Oh…interesting. Well, in that case, I guess it would be 2 things. Writing and shopping. I love them both. I’ve always had a love for writing. I used to start – never finish – little short stories through high school and college. I expressed myself through poetry and other writings. Some of them are really bad and will never be seen by anyone for as long as I’m living. I’ve mostly kept them all in random notebooks that I keep a keen eye on. And lately, I’ve gone from writing stories to writing this blog. It’s one of the things I’ve enjoyed about writing this blog. Even though I don’t post all the time. I enjoy the writing. Just expressing myself. For whoever wants to read it and for myself. I know I don’t post on the regular, and I go through spurts of posting a lot and then nothing for like weeks, but I do this for me and I post when I have something to say.

The other one. Shopping. I mean who doesn’t love shopping. I can even enjoy window shopping. If I’m bored on the weekend I’ll hit up some store or the mall just to get out of the house. Not really because I need or want anything and if I happen to pick something up then awesome but if not I’m good too. Some days at work I’ll hit the mall, or Target, or Walmart, or some other store big enough for me to wander through and kill an hour of time. Sometimes I head out with a purpose, but generally I just like to get out of the office for that hour a day. I don’t always because sometimes I’m just in the mood to spend money I don’t have and then it can be dangerous haha. The only thing about shopping that frustrates me is when I am actually going shopping for something specific and can’t find it. That’s irritating. But otherwise, shopping for me is relaxing. Much like writing. It’s something that relaxes me and let’s my mind wander and think about anything or nothing.

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