Monday, November 22, 2010

30 Days About Me: Day 16 — What you think about your friends

I thought this one would be interesting to respond to. I mean I’m obviously not going to be specific because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings AND I don’t want to blast someone on the interwebs like that. Because that is rude. And while I can be rude, I try not to be ha!
Anyway, what do I think about my friends? Overall I think my friends are good people. I love the friends I have. I miss some of the people I’ve lost along the way for whatever reason, but have recently started finding some people through Facebook. Yeah I know that’s not new, but one day it just dawned on me that I could search for people and ask them to be my friend.

Someone said – and when I say someone I say that because I don’t actually know who and I’m too lazy to look it up – so anyway, someone said that people come in to your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I believe that is true.

I have one friend and I know his reason for being in my life. To always be there for me no matter what. No matter how long it’s been since we’ve last talked or seen each other. He’s always there. And I’m always there for him. He has literally been there for me since the day my mom dropped me off for the first time at preschool and I was NOT liking that. He was there. He wasn’t my first friend, but close enough.

My first friends are pretty much the only sisters I have ever known. I don’t have any of my own, though I wouldn’t change having a brother for anything…now…growing up I totally would have ha. But these girls, my twins, we are 6 months and 2 days apart. I am older. And they like to remind me. And sure growing up there were times that it was cooler to be older than them. For instance – 16, 18, and 21. So 3 times I’ve had the upper hand. And now the older we get the less cool it is for me to be older. And I’m sure that once my calendar reaches 30 they’ll be more than happy to remind me they are still in their 20’s while I am not. And I will be forced to punch them. It’s totally fair. Plus, I’m older. We used to be pretty inseparable. We were backyard neighbors until they moved (down the street-ish) and then I moved much farther (down a much longer street, and subsequently to a different school than them for the first time ever. Tragedy.) But we still remained close. High school and college came and went and we all got our own interests and new friends (stupid different school thing) and that was ok. We were still best sister friends. And we still introduce each other as sisters. Because duh. We totally are. We might not see each other as often as we’d like (and by might I mean we definitely do not!) but trust me when I say we could go years without seeing each other and pick up like we’d seen each other yesterday. That’s what I love about our relationship. It’s deeper and stronger than anything else I’ve ever known.

And then there are my High School friends. Those girls (and one guy) that walked with me through the halls of BRHS, and through the HS drama that every kid goes through, and were there for me to help make sure I made it out alive (not that I’m trying to say I was suicidal, it’s just a figure of speech). I have BOXES of pictures of those wonderful 4 years. And looking back. OH MY GOODNESS. Why did no one tell us we looked RETARDED. Haha. But those memories. Of going out to dinner every Friday night for “someone’s” birthday. Or of being the rebel HS kids we were and dabbling with the alcohol and the sneaking out and the getting in trouble at school. And the inside jokes that have carried through the years. And the ones that randomly pop into my head and FOR THE LIFE OF ME I cannot remember what the hell we meant. Either way, I treasure those girls (and one guy) and wouldn’t trade them for the world. I’m glad I have them in my life and I quite honestly don’t know who I’d be or what I’d do without them.

And then there’s the people I’ve met since graduating HS and College. The people that have come to me through work or friends or random encounters. Some have come and gone and some have stuck around. Some I feel like I’ve known forever even though it hasn’t even been a decade. Some of them – the one’s that are gone – I can live without. Because obviously I am. But those that have stuck by me and with me through some super hard times (hello, I’ve got a brother in prison). They’re for life friends. And I’m glad for that.

And then, my newest friends, my neighbors. I was a little worried about moving so far from my family/friends because I was afraid that I’d be lonely or constantly driving back out to Ashburn to see people/do things. But, luckily for us, we scored ourselves some AWESOME neighbors. Around our age, and similar life places (young, married, no kids). We generally hang out every Friday and Saturday night which has been awesome. And we’re really becoming fast friends. The guys all get along and go off and do guy things while the girls go off and do our thing. We’ve had cook-outs when it was warm, random dinners at each others houses, and other various outings. We basically hit the neighbor lotto, and for that I am ever grateful because we’re all planning on being here for a long while so it’s nice to know that we’re going to have friends in the ‘hood (cause we really haven’t met any of the other neighbors and some of them are a lot older than us – which doesn’t make them bad, it just means they probably have different interests…though we don’t know cause they haven’t been neighborly really).

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