Monday, November 22, 2010

October catch up.

So I wasn’t so good about blogging in October and that means that I didn’t blog about a couple of my 101 things. I probably could just skip them, but this is about being accountable and also I like to. And I want to include these blog posts in my scrapbook. Whenever I start that. Which should be soon if I want to get it pretty close to finished by the time this is over. Anyway, about October and what I did.

I wrote my brother (#7). AND he wrote me. I know he loves getting my letters and I don’t send him nearly enough mail as I could. I mean it is so easy for me to pop SOMETHING in the mail and I just slack. But I was really happy when Steve brought our mail in one day and there was a letter to me from him. Those make my whole day.

I also backed up my pictures (#18). With the condition of my rapidly fading computer I pretty much back up my pictures every time I take them off my camera.

I tried a new food (#36). We had a potluck at work – which we do frequently – and sometimes those are good opportunities for me to try something new. Not always, because a lot of time it is standard pot luck food, but this time there was lentil salad. Like a three bean salad but not. Not at all actually. Even though that is what the guy compared it to. The lentils were ok, but I found them to be rather dry and overall not super. I mean, I’d eat them again in something but you probably won’t find them on my grocery list.
The important thing that I can’t believe I didn’t blog about.

I FINALLY got the chance to take a proposal management class (#50). I have been wanting to take a Shipley class FOREVER and while I have taken some I have never been given the chance to take the proposal management one. Which is what I want to do. I currently do manage some small things, but ultimately I want to be a Proposal Manager and this class will help me get to that goal. I have used Shipley methods at previous companies so the class was a refresher on some levels, but I did learn some new things about proposal management. There was on exercise in particular that I really enjoyed. We were given 2 (very small) proposals and asked to evaluate them as if we were the evaluation committee. I’d never looked at a proposal in that way and I found that exercise very valuable. I’ll definitely be putting that new sill to use on future proposals. If you do any work with proposals I encourage you to check out Shipley. They have a ton of classes on a variety of things (from business development to management to writing to pricing) and I have enjoyed all the classes I’ve gotten to take.

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