Tuesday, November 23, 2010

30 Days About Me: Day 17 —Your favorite birthday

I’d like to say all birthdays. Because well…I love my birthday. And I make a HUGE ass deal about it. For 2 reasons – 1 because it’s right around Thanksgiving and sometimes people forget. I mean I get that you might be out of town or with family, but is it really hard to give someone some birthday love when she never forgets yours? It isn’t. By the way. And 2 because, well, it’s my birthday and no one else really makes a big deal out of it so I have to.

And how fitting that this post end up during this week. Because Saturday? IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!

I can tell you what my least favorite birthday was. My 24th. The year Steve threw me a surprise party. Yes, it was a nice gesture. I get that. But I am pretty clear about how I hate surprises. I talk about it all the way up to my birthday about how I never, ever, ever under any circumstances want a surprise party. See. I’m a planner so I plan my birthday and I like to know what the plan is and we had a plan – to go out – it was mine and it was what I wanted to do and what I was looking forward to. So when I got home from dinner to a house full of people (a house I’d spent alllllll morning cleaning so I wouldn’t have to the next day) it’s safe to say I was way less than pleased. Did I enjoy it? Sure after some alcohol. But did I want it? Not in a million years. It was sweet because he thought all my “I don’t want surprise party” hints were really so that someone would actually throw me a surprise party. So he really thought he was doing something really nice for me. They weren’t, but I could see how one might confuse the too. Either way, it wasn’t a horrible birthday, but it wasn’t my favorite. Also? It was the week my brother was arrested. So yeah…overall it wasn’t a good year.

My most memorable birthday was probably my Sweet 16. My friend and I were about a month apart so we did a joint Sweet 16 in the middle of our birthdays. We had lots of mutual friends. We decorated the shit out of my parents house and prepared and prepared for this. There was a cake fight that made a HUGE mess of everyone and of lots of things. One drunken retarded that wasn’t actually invited. Overall it was a really fun day. There wasn’t anything spectacular about it – it was just a gathering of family and friends to celebrate 2 Sweet 16’s – but it was a great birthday.

My 21st was special. Because none of my friends were 21 so they couldn’t rightfully take me out to a regular bar or anything. And it was THANKSGIVING DAY so I couldn’t actually go out the DAY of my birthday – which was kind of crappy. But a couple friends did take me out the night before, to Fridays, because we knew the people there and 2 of my friends worked there at the time so they served me that night because they’re cool like that. It wasn’t the drunken fest that most people have for their 21st but I had a really great night with really great friends.

The birthday I can’t wait for? My 30th. For real. I know what girl wishes to be 30? Well, I’m not actually wishing to be 30 because I don't actually plan to have my age move past 29. I'm just going to celebrate 29 over and over and over again. Like my mom did. Until I got too close for it to be realistic. BUT my brother will be home for that birthday so yeah I’m really looking forward to that.

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