Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It was like stepping back in time.

But different. Except the same.

Over Halloween weekend Steve and I took a trip to my parents camper at Chincoteague to close it up for the winter. My dad’s been injured so he couldn’t do the work himself. Plus it was nice to get away. And Buddy had a BLAST cause he loves going there and his 2 favorite people were with him (me and my dad. we’re his favorite. totally).

I was so excited to take Steve up to the place that I spent so much time growing up. We took pretty much all of our family vacations to the camper. Over the summer our trips were filled with trips to the island and beach and the boardwalk at Ocean City. The place as a whole brings back so many memories of my childhood and growing up. As soon as I walked in the smell took me back. It smelled the same as I remembered. Everything looked the same, except I’d noticed my mother had really enjoyed buying decorations and things for the house (inside and out. And the outside stuff is stored inside while no one is there so there was stuff everywhere haha). And even though my mom had gone to town decorating the place was still the same.

And it was like stepping back in time. To a time where life was simpler. When we took family vacations together. When we (as kids) didn’t have a care in the world. When we would create our own entertainment. Just my brother and I. Those were the days. I miss those days. And as soon as I walked through that door I missed him more than I had in the 4 years he’d been away. I haven’t been in a number of years and I do wish we had spent more time – or at least some time – there. But we will. We most definitely will.

We left Friday afternoon hoping to beat most of the traffic. And we made great timing. Until we got to the stupid Bay Bridge that always backs up. We seriously made it there in record time and I was figuring that we’d even been at the camper with some time to maybe go stroll the island or grab some dinner or something. BUT NO. That bridge had other plans for our evening. Adding an hour to our drive. Getting us in close to 9 (when we left at 3!!). That left us (and poor Buddy) really hungry for dinner when we got there. Sad news is that we don’t keep the place stocked with food because of bugs and things. So poor Steve went out to pick up some food for dinner. We ate. The dog ate. We settled in and just hung out. After a while my parents got in and we made the beds and did some more hanging out. Nothing really exciting, but it’d been a long day in the car so I was up for some relaxing.

Saturday I got up earlier than I had planned. But I made the most of it and it was a nice quiet morning. Eventually everyone else got up and we had breakfast. After breakfast we got ready and headed out on the island. We drove all over the place to show Steve around. The whole place looks so much the same. A little more worn than I remember, but generally it was the same. I did notice some new strip malls that look completely out of place on this tiny island, but I guess they were needed.

We did some shopping. One of mine and mom's favorite past times. Nothing extravagant - the dollar store, the Bryant, a t-shirt store - little vacation-y type stores. We had lunch - McDonalds because I'd been really wanting a McRib and well we had Buddy so it wasn't like we could go inside somewhere and leave the poor dog outside.

After some tooling around on the island we headed back. Mom and I had to run to Wal-Mart to pick some things up for dinner and then it was home to actually make dinner! Steve and I got some oysters on the island, Dad picked up some shrimp, and we had hot dogs and hamburgers. Dinner was awesome! And it was so great to eat some fresh seafood! I would have really enjoyed crabs but such is life.

Saturday night had another relaxing evening filled with movies and books. It was great to just get away and relax. Sunday we were up sort of bright and early. We had to close up the camper and then it was time to head home. The weekend was over WAY too fast, but I'm hoping this winter goes by just as fast so we can be back there in no time!

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