Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 Days About Me: Day 18 — Something you love about yourself.

There isn’t a whole lot I love about myself. I’ve always had problems with the way I look. And I’m thin and athletic so in all reality I shouldn’t. But I don’t know. I’ve just never liked the person in the mirror. I mean, I’m pretty. People tell me that. And I get it. But really I wish I was a little more fashionable. AND I can be if I try to re-create a look from a magazine (I mean how hard is it to go and pick out a shirt that looks like this or bottoms that look like that and pair it with similar accessories…it isn’t.) But I’m always worried that I look…funny or something. And a lot of that stems from the fact that I don’t like the way I look in things. But NOT THE POINT of today. That’s tomorrow. Well, actually Friday. Because I'm not posting tomorrow because it's Thanksgiving.

Today is all about what I like. And what I like most about myself? My eyes. My blue eyes. They’re so pretty. It’s the one feature I would HATE to lose. I never went through that colored contacts phase and was really sad to get glasses because I was afraid they’d hide my eyes (I’m over that, I like my glasses and I think they add something to my face). But they’re pretty blue eyes. Not like WHOA that girl has some BLUE eyes blue. But subtle blue that really just works with my light complexion and light hair. They fit me and honestly I secretly hope God blesses me with some blue eye’d kids even though it’s not genetically in the cards since the hubs has dark eyes and so does his family and so does the majority of my family. But one can always hope right?

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