Friday, November 26, 2010

30 Days About Me: Day 19 — Something you hate about yourself.

By far it’s my hair. I have always hated my hair. It’s always been super thin and never held anything. Rollers? Sure I could put them in and when I took them out and did my hair it looked great. 10 minutes later? It just looked jacked the hell up. And I’m not really good about doing my hair – like I have no hair talent. I knew people that could make their hair look like they just stepped out of the salon. Every fucking time. Beetches. Haha. I was never so lucky. Maybe I just wasn’t creative enough, but really I didn’t have the skill to even recreate a picture from a magazine.

Then I decided to go for the perm. I love that look, and sometimes it has looked better than others. I’ll admit the super short-chin length perm was not the best look for me. Recently I had really long, mid-back length, permed hair and I liked that. I think what I liked most about it was that I looked nothing like myself.

I’m back to short and straight. Which is ok. And I like the cut, but I still hate my hair no matter the cut. Plus there is still some perm in there so I get this weird crimp in the back. But only on one side. No matter how many times I run the straightener through it. And if it’s hot and humid FORGET IT because then I’m left with a big frizz ball.

Maybe I just need a wig…

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