Monday, January 3, 2011

New food.

I went out on a pretty big limb for this new food this month.

Well, ok, maybe not a big limb but I did try something I probably wouldn’t have ever tried if no one was making me try it. Which is what happened in this case. My friend has been asking me about Pho. She loves it. I’ve never had it. So she’s been trying to get me to go for a while. So finally we got our opportunity to go out for Pho.

For those of you that have never had Pho let me tell you about it. It’s a soup. A filling soup, but still it’s a soup. It’s broth, noodles, and meat. And then there’s things for you to add to your soup if you want (bean spouts, limes, some leaf of some sort – we never did figure out what that was, and there was one other thing on the plate I don’t remember). The basic concept is simple – broth + noodles then your choice of meat. I mean, they have standard soups like you’d order at most restaurants with different flavors and what not but it’s chicken, beef, or something nasty. I can’t remember what they called it but it’s like stomach or something. VOM. That should have been my first clue. Eating at a place that will put STOMACH in your soup should never happen.

So we order. I got what Heather got. Beef. Which is weird cause I don’t like beef, but she freaking LOVES this so I figured it had to be at least ok. And it wasn’t terrible. The flavor was off. And I couldn’t figure out what about it was making me dislike it. The broth and noodles were ok. The broth had that weird-ish flavor too, but it wasn’t a bad flavor it just wasn’t great. I added some lime to my soup. Basically figuring on the fact that if it’s on the table it is probably meant to go in the soup and would therefore enhance the flavor. No. It did not. I definitely tasted the lime in contrast to that other flavor I can’t describe. The lime just didn’t do what I was hoping it would. I didn’t add anything else because it wasn’t inedible so I didn’t want to just throw crap in the bowl and make it taste bad. I don’t think that I would get this particular soup again. I might try Pho again and go for the chicken soup next time, but I don’t think it’ll be one of my “go to” foods that’s for sure.


  1. Oh I keep seeing Pho Noodle houses everywhere but never tried them!

  2. I enjoy pho, but it took me several times to figure out what kind of ingredients I wanted to include in mine though. I'm a big fan of the spicy sauce and once I found that it seems every combination I found I enjoy.

  3. That's a good point. I didn't dislike it, but I didn't truly like it either. I'll try figuring out a good combo and then maybe I'll enjoy it more.

  4. I'm thinking the leaf was cilantro... that's what I've seen in it before. I think it's an aquired taste. I didn't like it at first, but it's definitely grown on me :)

  5. that sounds like a good possibility. I just couldn't put my finger on it