Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I love living in wine country.

Well, Virginia Wine Country.

And ok maybe it's not like living in Napa or Sonoma but over here the ground does shake so we've got that going for us :)

Anyway, last week we were having some GORGEOUS weather!! In the 70's! In Virginia. It's pretty unheard of. And so so very nice. Thursday night we sat outside and enjoyed the weather with the neighbors. While we were hanging out the girls and I decided that after I got done with work on Friday we were hitting up a winery just for a little bit to enjoy the afternoon outside! There's one about 10 minutes away from us that none of us had been to so we decided on there.

At 3:00 on Friday there was wine in our very near future! The winery was easy to find, except I totally almost missed the sign for road it's off of and had to make a quick left turn! Thankfully there wasn't anyone on the other side of the road.

First, the little road the winery is off of is really cute. Small and totally not meant for 2 way traffic like one of the signs indicated but whatever. Luckily there wasn't anyone else coming my way because I really don't know where the other guy would have gone because there was no way I was driving my car off the side of the road haha.

We headed straight for the tasting room and we entered with a big crowd. Apparently on a random nice day in the middle of winter the thing to do is go taste wine. I'm totally ok with that and very glad I know that now so I know what to do in the future! We did get a spot up at the bar so we didn't have to wait and the lady started us off right away. We got to taste 8 different wines. They were ok, I'm not really a fan of dry wines and the first one was really dry in my opinion. The taste was good, I just wasn't a fan of it's dryness. The 2nd and 3rd were better. I enjoyed the taste and the fact that they weren't super dry wines. I really enjoyed the Riesling, it was right up my alley with it's perfect sweetness and absolutely no dryness. It had a nice clean flavor that I enjoy and I'd go back for a bottle of that.

Once we got to the Red's I knew I probably wouldn't really enjoy any more. I am not a big fan of Red Wine because they are generally dry, but I'm willing to give everything a shot once just in case I do find one I like (and then for real, I'm stocking up!) I liked the 2nd Red we tasted, but not enough to buy it. Until the lady brought out this special wine we got to taste. It was the 2nd Red (Rooster Red, fyi) and apple juice mixed with a spice blend and heated. Being 70 degrees outside you'd think having a hot wine wouldn't be our first choice but it really was. It wasn't too hot, but hot enough that it really brought out the spice flavors from the spice packet. We each bought a glass of it to enjoy outside. And with the breeze sitting on the mountain it really was the perfect wine to enjoy that day. I really wish I had bought a bottle of that and might actually go back and pick up one and a spice packet so I can enjoy that now that the weather has returned to it's normal winter cold!

After we finished up our tasting we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful day with our glass of wine. The patio was full of other people so I definitely got to people watch and overhear some conversations. Which, is a guilty pleasure of mine (and I totally get it from my mom). Unfortunately I didn't hear anything really interesting so that was a bummer. But the views - oh the views - it was SUCH a pretty day! And I had a crazy day at work even though I never stepped foot in my office Friday so this was really the perfect way to relax after a long day.

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  1. This sounds great. I'm a big fan of wine tasting and try to do it whenever I can!