Friday, February 18, 2011

A late Valentine's Day recap and an Early Dating-versary post

So I'm a few days late with my Valentine's Day recap. Are you surprised? Yes? You really shouldn't be haha.

BUT I am early with my 7 year dating anniversary post which I'm really only posting because I'm getting around to my Valentine's Day post the day before it haha.

I’m not big on Valentine’s Day. Really, I’m not. And I'm not just saying that so my husband goes out and goes overboard because that's secretly what I really want. Because it is not secretly what I want. Buy me a card and write something sweet in it and take me out to dinner (or something along those lines) and I’m good.

Steve used to go above and beyond with Valentine’s Day. It’s sweet really. That he likes to show me just how much he loves me on Valentine's Day. But, honestly, our money can go to much better things than flowers that are going to die and candy when I have way too many Girl Scout cookies and ice cream in the freezer.

Steve loves me. I know that. I know it every single day of the year. Every moment of every day. I don’t need him to go and spend hundreds of dollars on cards, candy, flowers or jewelry to show me that he loves me. I’d honestly rather him spend that kind of money in…I don’t know, let’s say July. Just because. Because that’s sweeter than getting gifts because some greeting card company said today is the day to show the one you care that you really care and if you don’t tell her today she will never know.

Ok I seem to have gone off on a little tangent there. My bad.

Anyway, what I really wanted to write about was how we spend our Valentine’s Day weekend.
We had a fairly low-key, no neighbor weekend. For the first time in a long time and it was kind of nice. We did have a friend over for a couple hours Saturday afternoon, but for the most part it was just me, Steve, and The Budster. We watched some TiVo we’d been seriously neglecting. Even though we’re still kind of behind with that. I feel like we’re only ever caught up with our TiVo over Christmas and during the summer when TV’s on a break ha. We played some video games together. Which is always fun because we’re both competitors that like to win. But it was a good time.

Sunday we spent the morning being lazy. I love lazy mornings. We ran some errands around mid-day and then just came home to be lazy some more. I barely even cleaned the house this weekend. Which I might regret next weekend, but it made this weekend that much better.
We decided to go out for dinner Sunday evening rather than on Valentine’s Day because we figured crowds would be less.

I’m not sure how or why we came to that conclusion, but we did. And we were not correct.
We went to a restaurant by us called Sansui. We’ve ordered sushi from there in the past and I had been really wanting some sushi lately so we decided to go there. Apparently this restaurant is actually a hibachi place. It wasn’t really what I wanted to do for Valentine’s day, mostly because I was hoping for a dinner with just my husband, but it ended up being a really nice evening. We were seated with a family of 4 and another couple (so there were a total of 8 of us at the table). The other couple was very quiet and kept mostly to themselves. I feel like they were probably not expecting hibachi when they walked in to the restaurant either.

The family of 4 was awesome to sit with. The dad was totally like my dad. And Steve’s mom. He had 2 kids and his wife with him and he was cracking on the kids and giving us “advice” like don’t have kids and these 2 are perfect examples of why. He also offered up his kids to us. Said he’d even bring over food haha. I TOTALLY knew how the girls felt (both were HS age, so totally embarassable <-- not a real word, apparently). My dad used to do that stuff all.the.time. And every time? I thought I was going to die. It was definitely funny when you’re not on the receiving end. But we did have nice conversations with both kids and the wife. We joked back and forth and shared stories. By the end of the night we were all joking with each other.

It really turned out to be an enjoyable dinner. It was definitely a long dinner though. The wait was incredible. We got there at 5:30 and were leaving a little before 8. By the time we got home we were both ready to collapse on the couch. Which is just what we did.

Overall we had a very nice Valentine’s Day weekend. I’m so grateful that I have Steven in my life. He makes me happy, he makes me smile, he makes me laugh, and he shows me what true love is every day. I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else by my side. I love you, baby.

Thanks for making me the happiest woman alive.

And also, since it took me all week to write this post and tomorrow is the 19th – which marks 7 years of us being a couple – thank you for giving me a wonderful 7 years with you. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years. It seems like just yesterday you were sitting with me through a lecture I didn’t even want to be in and then making me lobster ravioli. You’ve always know the way to my heart is through my stomach. I can’t wait to see what the next 7, and the 7 after that, and the 7 after that (and so on and so forth because in 21 years I’m hoping we’re both alive and kicking…you at 49 and me still a beautiful 29) bring us but I’m definitely glad I get to spend them all with you. And because I'm feeling saucy, let's take a look at Steve and Carrie through the years. Keeping in mind that all of my 2004 pictures were lost in the great laptop death of 2005.

This is May 2005. After my college graduation. It's the earliest picture I have of us (on the computer, there are some in the pages of my scrapbooks).

October 2006. We were already engaged in this picture.

December 2007. After getting our Christmas tree. Gorgeous day for that huh?

April 2008. Honeymoon. I think we're in the Grand Caymans in this picture.

November 2009. Our trip to Williamsburg.

June 2010. The day we closed on our house.

January 2011. In New York.

I feel like this turned more in to a recap of how far we've come. Really? It's a look at how much my hair has changed since 2005. I feel like we look the same, just older. It's funny to go back and see just how much you've changed physically. The one thing I'm glad that's stayed the same all these years? Our love.

Love you Steven.

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