Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring cleaning!

This weekend I kicked my houses' ass on the cleaning front. Friday night Steve was out so I tackled our foyer/hall closet downstairs.

It was a serious disaster when I started. The whole area was. We'd just been busy, and lazy about cleaning, and the result was stuff just throw every which way.


We've got a LOT of coats.

I'd already pulled this stuff down from the top of the closet by the time I decided on snapping pictures. But our scarves/gloves/hats were pretty much falling out of their baskets after being rifled through all winter.


After a little reorganizing and matching of pairs of gloves and of hat/scarves combos and also getting another basket (which is odd cause we didn't actually buy anything new this year in the way of winter wardrobe so I'm not sure how I suddenly needed another basket to keep all that stuff organized.

Buddy was...."helping" haha. But I'm glad I finally organized this closet. It's nice to know where stuff is and to be able to grab something quickly without fear of something else falling on your head!

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