Monday, February 28, 2011

I might have a clothing problem

As in I have way too many.

I finally got around to really organizing my closet and pulling some things out to donate! I've got a LOT of clothes. Part of that is because I've been wearing the same size since high school and I'm pretty plain when it comes to style so I've got a lot of things I can still wear. And since I have so much everything is in pretty good shape because it takes while to make it all the way through the rotation.

Before I could really go through my stuff I had to unpack the hubs clothes. That he's apparently been incapable of doing so for the EIGHT months that we've been living here. There have been boxes and boxes of hubs clothes in our room since we got here. He made one small attempt, but it looked like he got bored or found something better to do about halfway through. Le sigh. I held out as long as I could, but I couldn't take it any longer so I just sucked it up and spent an entire day going through his clothes and unpacking them just so I could get to going through my clothes.

Our closet and bedroom look amazing now and maybe we can finally decorate our bedroom! I'm pretty excited about that part :)

Here's our disaster of a closet before

It's hard to tell but there's piles of shoes and clothes on the floor....

those are his boxes! and one of them was actually pretty much empty. but it's been sitting up there for months.

and here's the wonderful after! I have more space in the closet but in my defense he's got 2 giant dressers AND all of his stuff is put away...I just have more clothes haha.

My shoes! I can actually find them now (oh and there's totally more of them on a hanging thing behind the door. so maybe I'm a hoarder. it's whatever)

I'm really glad I finally got this done. I even pulled out some of my dresses/skirts that were in the guest room. Which happens to be my next project. That one is a much bigger project though...


  1. 8 months??? Whoah!

    Good job! You may want to get these:

    They help keep your piles divided neatly. I have a similar closet. I can't wait to get one of those custom closets one day.

  2. Yes, 8 months! I really tried to hold out on unpacking for him but I just couldn't hold out any longer!

    And those area neat idea. I think I know where I'll be window shopping today :)