Thursday, March 3, 2011

Photo 365: 54-61

Hello dear readers. I hope everyone had a fantastic week! I know I didn't post a serving six post this week....I meant to, but life kind of ran away from me and I never actually got around to writing it. I'll try to sit down and write it tonight, but I'm making no promises ;)

I decided I really like posting my 365 pictures once a week. I feel a lot less pressure about this project and I really want to enjoy it. I hope you all are still enjoying my pictures. Thanks for all the comments I've gotten about them, I really appreciate every comment! Anyway...

My week in pictures.

Day 54

Country roads, take me home. To the place I belong.

Day 55

What up crazy sky.

Day 56

The remains of work potluck. As usual there was too much food consumed by me. And then there was little work done that afternoon.

Day 57

Sleepy puppy
Day 58

I planted something and it is GROWING!!!! This is very exciting! Come on spring so I can see my tulips!

Day 59

Yummy snack.

Day 60

$2 Tuesday at the alley. I did very poorly. My highest score was a 98!

Day 61

My work didn't end when I left the office. I hate to have to bring work home. But I'm glad it doesn't happen as often as it used to.

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