Monday, March 7, 2011

Walking through my closet.

Since I showed you my closet you know I have a lot of shoes. I love shoes. I hate wearing them, but I love buying them. Seriously, I could go around barefoot for the rest of my life and never stop buying shoes. Especially the cute ones. And the ones I’ll totally buy something to wear with them, but then I get them home and decide that while I love them I’d never be able to pull off the kind of outfit that would go with them which means I’ll never ever wear them (because I’m crazy). And then there are the shoes that are just so cute and I go home and immediately find the perfect outfit to wear with them and the very next morning I get ready and put on my adorable new shoes and about an hour after I get to the office my feet are figuring out how to stage a coup because I put them in terrible, hurty shoes. And so they come home and go back in the closet never to be worn again.

My major problem is the giving away of the shoes. Even the ones that hurt me so bad and cut up or blister my poor innocent feet. I just cannot let them go. Because what if one day they don’t hurt, or I find the perfect out, or some other excuse that justifies me keeping

So I’m doing something about it. In an effort to be less of a hoarder. Because I am so totally a hoarder. I am going to “walk through my closet.” I’m going to actually wear all the shoes in my closet. And the one’s I don’t wear/like/whatever are going to someone else (basically whichever charity can get to my house first to pick up all the stuff I don’t want).

I kind of started this last week which is actually what prompted the big closet clean cause I’d been looking for a pair of shoes and kinda just threw shoes around till they turned up! I’m probably not going to go all “wear a different shoe each day” because winter is seriously almost over and my feet are already boycotting the closed-toed shoes that I’m a frequent wearer of. But I will be, by default and the fact that I have so many, going through a least 3 new pairs a week. I’ll probably also wear some of my out of season shoes around the house just to see if they’re worth keeping until it gets cold again (i.e. if they hurt now they’ll probably hurt then so they can just go now it would be ok).

I’m both excited and terrified. Because what if I give away a pair of shoes and I donno months down the line I decide I want to wear them and then I am frantically searching for this pair of shoes I know I’ve got because I actually remember stuff like that and I can’t find it and then this wave of sadness hits me because I realize I gave it away? You might be saying “oh that’ll never happen.” But. Um. It definitely does to me because I’ve been the same size of everything since high school so I’ve had this stuff a looooooong time. And I’ve actually done that – donated a big giant bag of stuff and a couple months later went on the hunt for this shirt that I didn’t wear often but the mood struck and I wanted to wear it or my day would be ruined and then I practically tore my closet apart searching for it only to sadly remember it had gone on to another home with some charity. So what then? What do I do in the event of such a tragedy? I suspect the answer is as simple as “move on.” That is also the reason I only clean out my closet twice a year – at the beginning of the spring when I break out all my warm weather clothes and put away the cold weather ones and at the end of the fall when short sleeves go in to hiding and sweaters come out. And I’m just going through that season’s clothes and giving away stuff based on what I did and did not wear that season.

Now there are a couple pairs of shoes in my closet that I’ll never wear a lot because they’re formal type shoes or some other kind of special event/occasion shoe that I really only need a couple times a year.

Other than that exception to the rule there will be 2 piles of shoes at the end of this – the get them out of my house while my feet cheer pile and the I love them so much they’re staying pile!

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