Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photo 365: Day 82-88

Hello all! I hope you have all had a wonderful week. I sure have. Friday night I tackled our garage and it looks so much better now. Saturday afternoon I went to the first birthday of my friends daughter. Saturday night we had some friends & neighbors over and it was all kinds of old school fun. Sunday I spent the entire day relaxing. And that was amazing. And much needed. Monday was a pretty relaxing day at work - it went quickly but there wasn't a whole lot going on so it was pretty much just catching up on random stuff. Tuesday was a much slower day at work, but I took a mini-shopping trip at lunch just to get out of the office. I didn't find anything - which was kind of a bummer even though I wasn't really looking for anything. Wednesday was kind of a long day at work. I hate that. When the day is going so slow that it feels incredibly long. But when I got home Steve was all ready for a very much welcomed lazy night in front of the tv! He made dinner while I sat and chat with him which is definitely my favorite time of day :) So there you have it, my weekly wrap up that covers parts of 2 weeks haha.

Anyway, here's my week in pictures!

Day 82

My car hit 30,000 miles on my way home.

Day 83

My parents bought us this storage thing and it was originally planned for our backyard, but it is huge and was much needed in the garage so while Steve was out watching a baseball game I put it together and cleaned up the garage. It isn't done yet - and won't be until we get the basement finished - but it looks so much better than it did Friday morning :)

Day 84

I got the Christmas decorations out of the guest room (they were supposed to go to the attic, but we changed our minds on that so they had to go back to the basement) and I got most of the room cleaned up. I still have to organize the closet, but it is actually functional now so that's a plus!

Day 85

A week in to spring and it snowed. What the heck Mother Nature. Not cool. And most definitely not appreciated! Bring on the warm weather. I'm ready to enjoy this patio!

Day 86

I finally got around to making this. My aunt gave me this tin with some (live) flowers in it for Easter last year. And I thought the whole thing was really cute, but live flowers don't last long in my house so I knew I wanted to kind of re-create it when they died. I bought all this stuff practically right away with every intention of doing this. And then I never did. And then when we moved somehow this ended up in the guest room and I was pretty excited when I found it this weekend. I think it turned out pretty cute, I might cut the flowers down a little more but if I don't I'm still happy with it :)

Day 87

When the hubs is out the wife gets sushi :) And it was delicious!

Day 88

After work we were hanging in the office, each getting something done on our respective computers, and after I had finished but was waiting for Steve to finish I decided it would be a fun time to take some pictures to try out my new app (LabelBox, get it if you don't have it, super fun!). Buddy was not in the mood to cooperate apparently, but Steve jumped in with us to make this a cute family photo :)

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