Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A 101 March Recap

I’ve definitely fallen off the 101 wagon. I still am working on it and I will continue to work on it until November when my 1001 days have ended. But I don’t feel the need to create individual blog posts for every little thing anymore since I’m finding new stuff to write about. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m still blogging about the big things. Like how I cleaned my office or how I cleaned out my closet. But the days of individual blog posts for the boring stuff are long behind us. And apparently I felt the need to spell that out in case any of you missed it. Because I’m thoughtful like that. And because this is my blog and I’ll write what I want haha.

Anyway, back to my March recap about the little things that aren’t special enough to get their own post.

On top of one amazing visit with my brother, I sent him a letter. I like to send him letters with pictures of what’s going on in them. This way he gets a letter and he gets new pictures. I am not, however, frequent or prompt with these letters. And this month? I finally got around to sending him pictures of my birthday. From November. And it’s not like I could really forget. Because he has been reminding me since my birthday. I’ve sent him pictures of other stuff – just not my birthday – because I am apparently forgetful even when frequently reminded. So I finally did it. I’m sure he’ll enjoy them and my accompanying letter, but they weren’t anything spectacular so he’ll probably be able to tell why I never bothered to send them on.
I did also print out some pictures of our patio, but I like to spread out my letters so he’s getting mail on more than one day so I can’t promise those will go out with March’s mail. Probably April’s. Which will be fine with him because he’ll be getting mail and he likes to get mail.

We seemed to do very little cooking in March. And what little we did was usually done by Steve. We had a few nice days so we grilled some with the neighbors, then we built that patio where we ate strictly fast food for like 4 days and I felt the need to be rolled to work on Monday, and then we recovered from building the patio, and I don’t know what else happened but we did little cooking and also little eating right. So we’re paying for that. But I did manage to make at least one meal that I can think of - can you guess it’s theme? If you said Mexican you’ve been here before! I made some chicken gorditas this month. Which are basically tacos with a thicker soft shell. They were still good, and I’m not even sorry I didn’t try to expand my horizons this month because I love Mexican food and this was pretty much the only Mexican food we ate this month.

I did manage to try 2 new foods this month though. I’m really good about trying new food. In the beginning I was cautious. Because I didn’t want to try something that could possibly be yucky. But lately I’ve just been going “hm, I’ve never had that sure I’ll try one” and popping it into my mouth without even thinking twice. It’s a good thing the people I know haven’t tried to get me to eat something really disgusting. Like bull penis. I mean, I don’t really know anyone that would try to trick me OR why bull penis is that food I pulled out of nowhere to use as an example but it was. So there.

This month I had the displeasure of trying two new things that I wanted to rid my mouth of as soon as I put them in. First brussel sprouts. Disgusting. And perhaps just not made right, but I’ve tried them once and will never again. I felt like I wanted to shove anything else in my mouth to rid the back of my throat of the taste they left behind. Gag.

The next thing was kind of an accident. I mean, not that I accidentally put food in my mouth because who does that?! But I was just not expecting it. A guy at my work went to some store and picked up some Iranian sweets. Now, I’ve given up sweets and such for Lent but considering this was something REALLY new and different I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity. Really wish I’d kept with my Lent for this one though.

Because apparently these “sweets” (and we’ll now use this word loosely) are made from chickpeas. AS IN THE STUFF THAT MAKES HUMUS. I feel like these poor Iranian children have NO idea they aren’t really eating something sweet. Anyway, I tried Shirini-e Nokhodchi which is a chickpea flour cookie. (cookie is another word we’re using loosely here even though it’s what these are supposed to really be) If you like your sweets in the very dry, with a strange almost like peanut butter but worse aftertaste variety then these are for you. If you would prefer your cookies to taste like oh I donno a cookie then avoid these.

So that’s what was going on for March. And now I have no clever or cute way to end this so I'm just going to end it. Peach out sprout.

Yeah. I totally did just say that.

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