Thursday, April 7, 2011

Photo 365: Day 89-95

Happy Thursday y’all. I hope everyone enjoyed last weekend and is making it through the week with relative ease! And if not, on the bright side the weekend is SO CLOSE! We had a fairly lazy weekend – even though I started going to the gym with the neighbor! We relaxed on Friday, Steve headed out on Saturday night so I did what I love – clean the house! Sunday we brunched it up with the neighbors. Monday was GORGEOUS so we spent the evening outside. Tuesday was shitty day outside, way to play a cruel joke Mother Nature. Wednesday was not as warm, but totally gorgeous so there was more outside time! I have a feeling most of our summer evenings will be spent outside. And I am excited!

Another note, I have decided I do not enjoy doing a weekly recap on Thursday. I’m not sure why I ever decided to do that. It just does not make sense for me to recap parts of two weeks. At least not to me. I’m going to start posting on Monday’s now. So this Monday will obviously be shorter, but then it’ll be like a full week of the same week in pictures.

My week in pictures.

Day 89

My tulips are finally blooming! I am so excited.

I am not, however, excited at the fact that seconds after I took this picture the neighbors dog ripped this flower off. And Buddy keeps trampling the others so my total count is 2 bloomed, 2 removed by dogs.

Day 90

Wine and Sonic Frito Burritos. Best combo ever.

Day 91

Fresh baked cookies. Yum. Best part? They’re for a cookie exchange so I got to make these, keep some (because they got burnt and I wasn’t sending burnt cookies), send some off, and get a different kind of cookie in return.

Day 92

Sunday Brunch. It was amazing.

Day 93

Gorgeous Monday spent outside. Also, I love the Hipstamatic app :)

Day 94

Breakfast for dinner! My favorite. And this time we enjoyed homemade sausage mcmuffins!

Day 95

Another gorgeous evening to spend outside. This one even included a fire!

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