Monday, April 11, 2011

Photo 365: Day 96-99

Hi all! Hope you guys had a great weekend! I know we did. I finally got around to organizing the guest room closet. It's only been 9 months ;) Saturday night we went out and did a little bar hopping downtown. And I don't mean D.C. downtown. But we had a blast and I've got a feeling this will be a new thing! Sunday Steve and I ran some errands and ended up buying a new grill. We needed one as soon as we discovered that our old one didn't quite make it through the winter. Turns out you can't leave the little air part open because then rain and snow will get in and then you'll have a rusty grill. How about that ;)

Our weekend in pictures:

Day 96

Hello tulips!
(these are the only set that the dogs don't seem to even notice. so they definitely look the best)

Day 97

Organized. And yes, those are all bags. And yes, maybe I am a hoarder of bags. But in my defense I did give away 2 boxes of bags.

Day 98

Key Lime Pie Martini. At bar Number 1 for the night. Amazing drinks. Awesome friends. Best night ever.

Day 99

Our new grill! It's gas, which doesn't make me the happiest person ever, but it's nice and I'll survive.

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