Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Guest Room

I recently took on my guest room and the closet. It was a terrible mess. Opening the closet has been somewhat of a hassle since we moved in. When we moved in we knew we need to really use that room right away so we just kind of threw stuff in there as we unpacked other rooms and came across stuff we wanted to keep and use for one thing or another.

And then more stuff got tucked away in there. All of our Christmas decorations went in there in January when we were going to build shelves in our attic. Too bad no one (ahem, husband) really looked in to how we would get the plywood in to the attic through the apparently too small of an opening so they couldn’t go in the attic. And then they were stuck in the guest room until I lugged all ten (10!!) of them back down two flights of stairs to the basement. I was in no rush so they stayed there until after we built the storage closet. But I did pull those down to the basement a few weeks before I actually started cleaning out this room.

Our guest room originally looked like this. You’ll have to imagine there being 10 totes/boxes of holiday decorations along the wall on the left side of the bed. Basically? A freaking mess.

And this is what the closet looked like. A bigger mess. All of this mess at one point did reside IN the room until I got fed up with that and hid it in the closet. And really by fed up I mean we had someone that needed to stay at our house and they couldn’t get to the bed without me shoving all that crap in the closet.

That stupid piece of furniture that’s blocking one of the doors has been a pain in my ass because it’s heavy-ish enough that I never really wanted to move it JUST to get something out of those totes (that I went through on a semi-regular basis because they held all my purses and I’m a regular purse changer so that was a problem and my favorites usually just were strewn about in the room for easier access than the horrible closet.

I figured I’d use that piece of furniture for storage in the closet. I like it and we bought it when we lived with Steve’s parents because our closet space was severely limited but when we moved here all our clothes fit in our closet and we had no use for that but it wasn’t just going to get rid of it until I knew for sure I wouldn’t use it.

Well then I stuck in in the closet and opened the door and the damn thing nearly fell on me. So I went to Target and grabbed a wire shelving system. Which worked beautifully.

And yes, those are all purses. I'm a purse hoarder. I've been collecting for years. And I'm not sorry. Because guys. I have a closet full of purses. And it's awesome.

I did, however, go through all my bags and pulled out TWO WHOLE BOXES of purses/bags/wallets that I will be giving away. I was seriously proud of myself. A lot of them I haven’t seen or used in YEARS. So out they went. And yes, I really do use what I kept. It looks like a lot. But I change my purses all the time for various reasons – boredom, need a smaller bag for going out, need one I don’t really care too much about if it gets dirty, etc. etc. etc.

Once I finished with the closet I was trying to find a place for that blasted piece of furniture that wouldn’t block my closet door. And about that time I put in the shelves. And about that time I realized that had I just done that in the first place I would have learned that it needs the shelves to not topple over. Awesome.

So it went in the closet too. And it makes the closet look so much better. Because those big bags full of smaller bags weren’t all that appealing to the eye and I really did want to do something to make it look clean. Because folks, this is as clean as it gets.

And viola. A ROOM! A functional room. With bedding and everything. And a closet WITHOUT BOXES!

I am SO PROUD of myself.

Steve was out when I did all of this and he was SO surprised. He had no idea I was doing that. I actually had no idea I was going to do it that day either. I just got a wild hair up my ass and finally stopped procrastinating and did it. And I’m so glad it’s done.

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