Tuesday, May 17, 2011

101 List: April catch up

I've been really busy & a little unmotivated so this April catch up is coming mid-May. I have had a long list of things I want to blog about for weeks now & just no time to actually sit down and type it out. We had a series of really busy weeks & weekends & it's all I can do to type out my Photo 365 posts every week. But this morning I got up at like the crack of dawn for some random reason & I'm catching up :)

I wrote my brother TWO letters this month (#7). Which was really exciting for him. I sent him a letter full of pictures of our patio so he could see all the awesome hard work we put in to the patio. I also sent him a birthday card for his birthday. He was really excited about his mail delivery this month because a couple people sent him cards for his birthday so he was getting lots of mail that week!

I tried a new food (#36) - lamb. Steve got a a gyro with lamb and he offered me a bite. At first I was all YUCK no thank you. But then I thought to my self, self: try it you just might like it. Turns out? My first instinct was the right one. Because I do not enjoy lamb. But at least now I can say I've had it and I definitely do not like it.

So that's basically it for April. I did check some other things off the list, but they will be getting their own post :)

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