Monday, May 16, 2011

Photo 365: Day 128 - 134

Hi all! I hope you had a good week. I've had a pretty good week. Well, it was a little rough earlier in the week because we had to take the poor pup to the vet and he cost us about an entire mortgage payment. And that's not actually an exaggeration. And all that was just for some tests. But we're pretty sure he'll be ok overall. My wallet on the other hand? Not so ok. I made that better by making Thursday night drink a bottle of wine night because Friday was work from home day. That was helpful. I finished off my week with a visit to my brother with my sister-in-law & her girlfriend. We had a great visit & he was really excited about having someone other than our parents & my husband & myself. We even took a picture, but they no longer print them off in the visiting room so I'm excited to get that in the mail in like a week or whenever he gets around to mailing it to me haha.

Anyway, my week in pictures.

Day 128

My dad made me this bench years ago & it's been sitting outside getting beat up by Mother Nature ever since. I finally decided to spruce it up a bit. Steve power washed it & with the help of some dark mahogany stain it's almost like we've got a brand new bench :)

Day 129

Sangria & blackberries. Perfect for a gorgeous day.

Day 130

Gorgeous day. Back way home. So pretty.

Day 131

I was working in our front garden & I found my little garden gnomes. Steve wasn't so fond of them, but I like them so they're staying ;)

Day 132

Fire pit!

Day 133

Buddy does not enjoy bath time.

Day 143

Buddy and I enjoyed a nice walk down to the creek Sunday morning. He loves walks and it's so pretty down by the creek. And apparently they are building a park and a walkway down there so that should be nice. And I forgot how much I love my photobooth app :)


  1. I love gnomes, too! I'm loving all your iphone instagram cool!

  2. Thanks - I am definitely enjoying trying to capture cool pictures! But I don't have the instagram app, yet, for now I go between Retro Camera, Hipstamatic, and Photobooth for all my iphone picture taking needs :)