Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photo 365: Day 144 - 150

Hi all! I know I'm a day late with this but I had an incredibly busy end of week last week which left me either sleeping or drinking this weekend. Which left me forgetting about this post haha. The beginning of my week started off just fine, but by Wednesday things at work were headed downhill and quickly! Between Wednesday and Thursday I worked about 35 hours. IN TWO DAYS. There are only 48 hours in 2 days and I worked 35 of them. I worked from home on Friday, but not after sleeping in a bit and then I logged off early and took like a 2 hour nap. There were several naps this weekend. Saturday we ended up going out with a girl I used to babysit because she'd just graduated college. Hello old I feel you. And Sunday Steve and I laid on the couch until he needed to leave for baseball. Anyway, I hope you guys had a better & less crazy week than I did!

My week in pictures:

Day 144

Lobster dinner at the neighbors. Yummy!

Day 145

It rained so hard this week that our downspouts flooded my front garden. And with it my hopes of having a pretty front yard. The flowers didn't seem to survive...

Day 146

This is actually from a walk Buddy and I went on recently because this is when crazy work started. But it's still a pretty picture :)

Day 147

This would be the sun rising on my way to work. Something I haven't seen since winter.

Day 148

Pretty sky. Sitting outside enjoying the hell out of the sun I'd missed while stuck in the office!

Day 149

Retro camera app. Wine. Sun. Pretty skies. Love.

Day 150

Enjoying my patio, wine, and my camera apps :)

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