Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Memorial Day.

This Memorial Day I took a 4 day weekend. I needed it. I needed to relax, to have fun, to just get away from work for a couple of days. And it was amazing.

Thursday night the neighbor girls & I started off our weekend with 3 bottles of wine, a bag of chips & an entire thing of Frito’s JalapeƱo Cheddar dip. It was delicious & so much fun.

Friday morning I woke up ass early for no apparent reason. But honestly, based on my normal wake up time (5am!) I did get to sleep in for 3 1/2 hours. So whatever. I got up & ran 2 miles. I don’t know what made me decide to run 2 miles, but somewhere during the first mile I decided I could do 2. And I did. And I’m pretty proud of myself because it’s the longest distance I’ve ran since high school. After coming home to a sleeping husband I decided just to plant myself in front of the TV & wait for people to get up. Steve and I watched a moving in the morning & then I headed outside with my friend to catch some rays. Which lasted all of like an hour because we were DYING from heat. We needed something to cool off with.

Cue Wal-Mart run.

Where we got a pool

& a slip & slide.

We rushed back home to set it all up. While Steve blew up the pool, Lauryn & I got started with the slip & slide. Using the hill right next to our house we got all set up. And then we tried it out. And as it turns out, because of our really rocky ground right there, it hurt. Like a bitch. I was almost for sure I broke something at first. And I didn’t even make it all the way down & ended up crawling back up the hill. There is a video. Which I will not show you, but you will have to trust it is hilarious.

The boys decided that normal slip & sliding was lame and they made a ramp so you could go right in to the pool. It was awesome. Way better than our original slip & slide set up.

Unfortunately, even though it had been SUPER hot all morning/early afternoon on Friday by the time we got all this set up the sun decided it hated us and left. We still played around, but the water did not get warm enough to be lounging in the pool.

Saturday morning we headed out bright and early to get the pool refilled (because it’s just a blow up pool so there’s no filter or any way to keep the water clean). We enjoyed a nice, but kind of cloudy day which was ok because we weren’t sweating to death and going from pool to patio wasn’t so bad. I think we were outside until about 1am hanging out, eating WAY too much, and playing in the water. And for the first time EVER Steve got a sunburn and I DID NOT! That’s right. I have learned my lesson from countless years of (apparently) not enough sunscreen (even though I put it on so much) and too much sunburn. He, however, did not take my warning that SPF 4 TANNING LOTION was not going to provide him with any protection to his stark white chest, back & shoulders that are constantly hidden by a shirt even though he works outside and has the tannest arms for May ever. The most unfair thing though is that he will tan, and tan really well, which I have actually never been able to master with my pale Irish skin.

Sunday was more of the same. Except hotter. Because there was no chance for rain on Sunday so there were no clouds in the sky. Which made the water so much warmer and kept us in it much more than it did the previous 2 days. There was more slip & sliding. And I finally figure out how to stop throwing my legs up under myself as I threw myself on the ground so I was finally able to get in to the pool. But of course there are zero photos of that. But plenty of my failed attempts.

We had some other friends over so they could try out our super cool toys. We did more hanging out, drinking, and eating until the wee hours of the morning.

Monday I actually slept in. Until 10. Which is practically unheard of and was totally not welcomed for a day where I actually had to go to bed at a normal time instead of sometime after midnight. Oh well. It was apparently needed (where the hell was that sleep Friday, Saturday and Sunday I do not know.) We emptied out the pool again because we’d been playing in it all night and there was a TON of dirt & grass & grossness in it so that had to go. Plus it was going to be another hot one and I wanted to be in that pool all day long. The water warmed up quickly and I basically went from laying in the pool to sitting in the shade.

I finally had enough of the sun around 3 and went inside to relax & cool off before we headed across the street to our neighbors open house/block party thing he was throwing.

This guy has been working on his house since the day he bought it. We bought brand new houses, but his was basically a blank canvas to him & he turned it into something awesome. I wish I had taken pictures, but I felt like that might have been creepy. It did give me some ideas on what I would like to do to our house. And Steve is SUPER excited. Super de duper. I was surprised at how few of the neighbor people showed up, but it was nice to meet some people from the other side of the square that we hadn’t seen or met yet. We didn’t stay late because I was exhausted from all the sun & fun from the weekend. And we had 3 backyards of stuff to clean up. Joy!

Overall, we had a really great weekend. And I wish all weekends were even just 1 day longer because I think that’d even things out a bit. I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend as much as I did!

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