Monday, June 6, 2011

Photo 365: 158-165

Hi all! I'm a little later in the day than usual I know, but I had a way too relaxing day yesterday where I didn't even move myself from the couch unless absolutely necessary. And it was amazing. I hope you guys have had a great week - holiday weeks are always longer than necessary even though they are fewer work days! My week last week seemed like it would never, ever end. It did, which was great because I might have died otherwise. We didn't have a whole lot going on last week - or really this weekend. So there isn't much to write home about. I need to get some posts up and going....but Steve's at baseball tonight (first game of the summer!) and my patio, wine & my suduko book are totally calling my name. Enjoy your week!

My week in pictures.

Day 158

Finishing off an amazing long weekend with more sun. Just what I needed.

Day 159

One of my CW's bought me Maple Mustard while she was in Vermont. It is amazing.

Day 160

My two favorite boys :)

Day 161

Wine & suduko on the patio. It's gonna be my summer thing.

Day 163

Puppy cuddles. I love them.

Day 164

Silver nails.

Day 165

Homemade jalepeno poppers. They were amazing.

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